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    Point me in the right direction?

      I didn't say I've been learning C++ for 6 years. I am just starting C++, that's why I'm posting in the beginner section. And thank you for your reply.
  2. Switchbladed

    Point me in the right direction?

    Thanks for the reply Gian-Reto. Alvaro did make some good points, I probably jumped the gun a bit there. Most of my server experience is with just normal multiplayer games, however in the last few months I've been working with a bunch of cluster/mmo kind of servers. Either way, the MMO is not what I was asking for help with, that is something that I would tackle when I get to that stage which is why I wasn't really happy with Alvaro's response.   I don't really just want to make my own game, it's something that I hope to make a career out of. I think developing my own engine would be more enjoyable and satisfying, so that is likely what I'll do. That decision is also partly because I haven't really found an engine that can offer what I'm after, but then again I haven't really looked into many other than Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine looks great and I may use it in the future, although not for an MMO.   Right now I'm just looking into libraries to find which is best for me.
  3. Switchbladed

    Point me in the right direction?

      I'm not coming here just asking how to build an MMO, that is where I'll get to myself. The servers and business side are no issue, I currently run 2 game server hosting businesses. Again, the MMO is the end goal, could be years down the track. I'm only wanting to start on a simple 2D game. Yes, that sounds ridiculous and also sounds nothing like this thread. I was expecting responses like yours. Thank you for wasting your time on your very useless post.
  4. Switchbladed

    Point me in the right direction?

      Thanks. I'll be checking out both SFML and Allegro for now, and yeah, I will need something that can scale for an MMO, but that probably won't be an issue for now.
  5. Switchbladed

    Point me in the right direction?

      Thank you, that's very helpful. I won't be starting with the MMO, although I do plan to start at something a little more complex than pong. I felt I should mention it as it will be the direction I'm heading in. I've used Microsoft Visual C++ in the past, so I am familiar with the layout, however I am going to try out Code::Blocks and see which I prefer.   For anyone else in the same position as me, another good read I found is: http://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/wiki/getting_started   And anyone else also willing to answer, I'm looking for as much input as possible, so all replies are appreciated.
  6. I'd like to start properly learning C++ (or Java), however I am not really sure where to start. I've been coding in various languages for around 6 years and I've made a bit of a Text RPG in C++, so I know the syntax and basics. A goal I'd like to get to one day is creating a 3D MMORPG (and 2D before that probably). I originally wanted to use Java, however after some research I think for the end goal C++ would work out better. The way I like to learn is to jump into a bigger project and continue working on it and learning as I go, so I would be willing to jump straight into 3D, however it seems 2D is a better place to start. At the moment I've just been using documentation and googling problems as I get to them, is this the best way to learn? What I was thinking was to start working on a 2D Sidescrolling Platformer and learning off that to begin with. I've also taken a look at engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, although I don't think this is something I'm really after, I would rather do everything from scratch I think.   So what I'm really asking:   1. Should I use C++ or Java? Keeping in mind the end goal is a 2D/3D MMO. 2. If you know of any tutorials for a 2D (sidescrolling) game or beginner tutorials I should use, please link them. Or any good beginner tutorials in general. 3. Are there any resources I should use to learn or use while I code? 4. What IDE would you suggest? Is Code::Blocks a good choice?   Any other tips are appreciated.
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