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  1.   Thanks for that, I really liked your comment.   I guess i can relate, I have a similar situation, where i import my library with common code to basicly every game I write :) Thanks for the replays.
  2. Obviously, what I meant was if it is still relevant for me as an Indie game developer, or will it be the possession of AAA engine developers only? Any way, I think I'm going to re-write one of my old 2D XNA games in cpp :)   Thanks
  3. Shalom :) As you said, gaining experience and diving inside is really something that I want to do, game-engines seems to "boring" for me, I mean, the coding part is something that I really miss with engines, scripting is just not enough :/ It is sad to hear that engines are to way to go now, but I think i might still go with old school gaming libraries haha... And cpp does seems like the better choice. Any suggestions for a starting project with opengl? 2D might be better suited I guess...
  4. I actually want to switch from C# just for the experience so thats not a problem... Are there any good recent Indie games written from the ground up without a commercial engine? I would really like to check some out. Thanks for the fast responses, never ceases to amaze me :)
  5. Hey guys ;) It's been quite a long time since I posted here... Im around watching though :P I've been thinking for a long time now about the relevancy of opengl or even code-game-programming in general. With the amount of engines (and not bad ones honestly) out there, I'm having the feeling that actual coding is getting left behind and will matter mainly for engines programming. I personally really like the "old fashioned" way, and not to happy about the situation... XNA was my main choice for the past two years and I was thinking about switching to OpenGL to get a little bit more out of this. So, thos thread is not only for you to discuss the situation I described, but also to give me an advice :)) Do you guys think that learning OpenGL now could still be the right way to go? If so, what will you advice, doing so in cpp or java? (Im familiar with both and feeling comfortable either way). Thank you very much and I hope this conversation was not brought up (at least not too many times) before. ;)
  6. Cant believe its been a year already... Its so good to see this again! I might be competing aswell, I'm in the army this time... But might be able to compete, good luck to everybody! Btw is XNA still on the table?
  7. If i remembere correctly box2d and farsear are alike, so you should have a call for updating the world? This call gets time interval as a parameter, so mmaybe it is too low? Again this is based on farsear so sorry if this is not very helpful
  8. Physically speaking, see if you could change the enemy's mass. Now speaking according to my personal experience with farsear for xna (which is based on box2d) If I'm not mistaken you can override the collision event of the enemy. Just make sure you return false and it'll be like the collision never happened (though you could alter the enemy's life attribute and remove the bullet before returning false) Excuse me for my english and grammar
  9. EyalD

    Week Of Awesome II - My Scores

    Thanks for everything! very detailed and well-put thread. Never expected to finish 4th at any of the judges rankings, I'm thankful!   Might continue working on it if I'll find the time :)
  10. EyalD

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    I'm very surprised to finish 8th, I never imagined to be that high up on the rankings! I played the other entries and honestly thought to myself that i couldn't compete with them, I am truly thankful for your work, dedication and opinion.   Congrats to all the winners - great games each one of them, and so are the rest of the games. Thanks a lot to any body who took part and made it happen.   I really feel that i gained a lot of experience from this week, i will obviously attend any future GameJam! and maybe i'll continue working on my game just to add what i planned from the beginning and polish some stuff..,
  11. EyalD

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    Theres also the possibility that every judge will play each of the games, and the ones that are not his to judge, he will only provide the "fun" points in his opinion. Though it will require every judge to play each of the game, and that might take alot of time as well... Anyway, any news from the fifth judge?
  12. EyalD

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    Wow amazing progress! Very good pace, my guess is 2 days, 3 tops and the results are ready :))
  13. EyalD

    Shelves - Post Mortem

    Hope you'll like it :) Thanks again for making this happened!
  14. EyalD

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    So here is my shot at writing a post mortem: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1944/entry-2260321-shelves-post-mortem/   A bit long but i had a lot to say :)
  15. http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1944/entry-2260321-shelves-post-mortem/ Finally got mine out there :) Long read...
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