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    Need advice on 3d-modeling

    @skykastle   From-idea-to-complete-game tutorials are awesome, there are too few of those! :-)   From studying some of the other fields of game development, I've picked up as mentioned the notion that 3d modeling is a very complex subject and is time-consuming work. Other than watching a few short Blender tutorials (to get an idea of what 'these modellers' are actually doing! I really knew nothing at all about workflow), I've done nothing to improve my knowledge or skill in the subject.   Because of my preconceived notions and lack of knowledge in the subject, it seemed a bit daunting. I knew there was a lot to learn, but I didn't know what I needed to learn. So after reading Gian-Retos replies and doing some more reading, the subject borders are more defined -- I have a better overview of the subject. Being told by someone with experience that "this is the extent of the subject, these are the main concepts" is very helpful because it saves me hours of research, fumbling in the dark and doubting that what I'm currently learning/working on is useful.     When I do get the time, I'm still not sure where to begin. After downloading Blender I'll probably spend some time googling beginner tutorials, picking out some that I like and then dive into it.
  2.   Not true. You could definitely make identical games with contemporary game engines. But it depends on what you mean by "identical". If you mean literally identical, you would probably have to speak with the original game developers or get access to the source code (because things like AI behaviour is difficult to get exactly the same by just playing the game over and over).
  3. HatakeK

    Need advice on 3d-modeling

      Again, incredibly helpful! Not only for me but for any modeling noob. This is definitely worth a sticky! Maybe I'll download Blender after all and try out some simple things when I have some spare time
  4. HatakeK

    Need advice on 3d-modeling

    Thanks Gian-Reto for the incredibly thorough and helpful response! My idea of what makes up a finished 3d model was vague, but you explained it very nicely. You also made my decision very easy -- that is, to not get into modeling right now. While I have great respect for 3d modellers, what I want to be doing is designing games and be able to implement them as efficiently as possible. We're doing 3d modeling with 3DS Max in school next fall, so I think I'll wait until then to give it a go. The list of tools for the different jobs will give me a head start :) Thanks again!
  5. HatakeK

    Simple 2D Game Idea

    If you're out of ideas, asking others isn't the stupidest thing you could do. However, I would suggest doing a bit game design studying, as ideas isn't something you should be lacking if you're really into making games. I can highly recommend Ian Schreiber's online course on game design, which is both excellent and free. If you want to make "enjoyable" games, studying game design is a must imo.   Regardless, I would suggest starting out with a really simple game and finish it even if there are lots of similar games out there. There's a huge amount of indie devs working on games, but only a small percentage of those will actually finish their first game. Break that barrier, learn from the process, and make your second game better and more unique if you want to.   Didn't give you a game idea, but stuyding game design should give you the tools and skills to generate lots of ideas for yourself.
  6. HatakeK

    Need advice on 3d-modeling

    Hi I need some expert advice on 3d-modeling.   I'm a lone game dev, aspiring to do this professionally. I do game design, programming, and 2d art. I don't do sound/music. Up until now I've mostly used free 3d models for my 3d projects. I'm developing using Unity.   How much work does it take to create 3d-models? Depends on the level of detail I guess, so here is an example of the detail I'm thinking of. Workload is also relative. What I'm afraid of is that I'll spend 50% of the time on designing the game and implementing the game logic, and the rest of the time creating 3d-models... That would be totally unacceptable. Efficient development is very important to me, and "wasting" too much time creating 3d-models that a professional modeler could do much better in 1/5 the time would not be good. How steep is the learning curve? How much work does it take to get to a "decent" level of proficiency using Blender? I'm not totally "art-illiterate" -- I have at least a past-beginner artistic eye.   My impression right now is that 3d-modeling is time-consuming work, requires years to reach decent proficiency, is best left to modeling specialists, and that I'm better off buying finished assets. However, if that's not the case, I'm definitely eager to learn.   You don't need to be an expert modeler to share -- if you've got any kind of experience in modeling I'd be glad to hear :-) I hope you can share some insights. Thanks!
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