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  1. Nighthawked

    Legal use of fonts

    How much would it be to ask a lawyer about this? Are there any sites?
  2. Nighthawked

    Legal use of fonts

    Well I also want to release free tutorials for Direct X. I was asking since other game developers are here and if they knew of a site that lists fonts for game developers. So I should spend several hundred dollars to ask a lawyer that I can use a font for free samples and an open source video game? What is wrong asking other game developers? There could have been a fontsforgamedevelopers site or something that I didn't know about. I did not know about the Google fonts page having OFL fonts, so that means I am fine to use those.
  3. Nighthawked

    Legal use of fonts

    What about fonts like Open Sans? https://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Open+Sans Or should I just stick to OFL like the Lato font? https://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Lato
  4. Nighthawked

    Legal use of fonts

    It didn't say "some examples are". It just stated those uses as a fact. It didn't say "and more". It just ended.
  5. Nighthawked

    Legal use of fonts

    Nope it is not legal: It doesn't say video games. So I am going with NOT LEGAL. Why is it so damn hard to find fonts for making games? Just one damn font and I have searched for years. The XNA Font Redistribute Package is not legal too, as it specifically states "for use in your XNA Game Studio game". Doing this in Times New Roman or Arial is not legal either, since making glyph sheets is classified as derivative work. I contacted all the major font services, and they have NO fonts that fit this without spending thousands of dollars for thousands of game downloads. How the hell are indie developers using fonts?! Really. I want to learn how to program Direct X, but if I cannot legally put text on the screen, what is the point?
  6. Nighthawked

    Legal use of fonts

    Thanks guys! Sorry for the delayed response, I had company over for the last few days. So I can use the google fonts like Open Sans and make a glyph sheet for my game and it will be legal? I am sorry. I am paranoid when it comes to legal issues and what I am allowed to do. I don't want to do anything illegal. Are all the fonts at the Google fonts page open source?
  7. Nighthawked

    Legal use of fonts

    Tom I will not distribute the font in its standard format (ttf, otf, ...). But I would like to use the font in Photoshop to create a character sheet for a direct x font engine. Basically a sprite sheet but with the characters I need in my game at the correct resolution. Basically my font engine will take "hello" and place those characters from the sprite sheet together on the screen. However, my users will have access to the sprite sheet (png or something like that).
  8. Nighthawked

    Legal use of fonts

    My apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. If it is, you can move it. Does anybody know where I can find fonts that are legal to use with a Direct X font engine? I sent an email to the MyFonts site telling them what I wanted to do and asked if their license allowed this. For those that don't know, the direct x font engine uses a sprite with all the characters, numbers, and symbols to display any string. MyFonts told me this is making a "derivative" of the font and that is not allowed. So does anybody know where I can get fonts for this purpose? Can I use fonts from the XNA redistributable package?
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