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    Deep water simulation

    You do realize that if you plan to simulate underwater life you need to apply certain laws of physics and that it will be one hell of a work? Mostly because it's difficult to test it on yourself and many things we know just from reading how they work. However it's not impossible and it would be interesting to see.   Here is an old thread about Bullet underwater simulation. It's not perfect, it's dead but still has some info you may find useful. http://bulletphysics.org/Bullet/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=5714  Here is one more http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/underwater-physics.16797/ and finally something about basic floating and how objects react http://www.scienceclarified.com/Bi-Ca/Buoyancy.html
  2. Vakarian

    Another word for "Spells" or "Blessings"

    I love Auras for the positive stuff and Plaques for negative. That sounds really cool. And I am backing up division team. You should have sub groups. You can use Plaques then 
  3.   That's exactly what I had in mind. If you start explain, more questions will arise and you will end up creating plots and twists and that can be never ending story. Besides you know what are players like, right? It's impossible to satisfy all. You're better off with what Jbadams said let players came up with the story individually.
  4. Vakarian

    Game development for kids guide

    It's a very nice guide Serapth and can indeed be a lots of help. What I also enjoy is the language you use: simple yet not boorish. Well done.
  5. Vakarian

    where to start as a game programmer

    I know C++ should be a number one and it's a perfect solution but I would exclude Java and suggests starting with it despite everything.
  6. Vakarian

    Free game engines for 3d games

    Ahh JMonkey is good and as the King said it's free. Unreal Engine 4 should also be taken into consideration and as someone mentioned the subscription fee is not unbearable.
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