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    The video above was the first 3 weeks of work,after that I didn't plan on continuing it but after a few months came back to it and have been adding to it a little at a time.It stops and starts but usually get a day or two a month,the modelling is fairly basic and could use a lot of detailing and fixing but it was always more about learning the engine (I started the project as I was looking into realtime rendering options).
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    A while back I decided to learn Cryengine,I prefer learning on a project rather than just picking specifics as I wanted a good overview of the whole program so decided to try my hand creating a map based on Jurassic park. I've worked on it off and on for a while now and gradually developed and expanded it a bit.Check out the gallery for various screenshot over the development,recently I've been working on adding sound,music and particles and overall flowgrapths to bring the environment to life a bit more. Here's an old video showing some footage from the map also,it's progressed a fair bit since then and I also had some help with raptor Ai but other than that it's a one man project.
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