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    Coordinates in Hexagon-Based Tile Maps

    Hi, Thanks for the good tutorial! A few things that I still don't understand, probably you can elaborate more on these formula, how & why we use that conditions. I tried this to implement for iphone/ipad screen whereby the screen coordinates 0,0 starts from bottom left of the screen. But after a few trials here and there, it always fail to detect the both types (A/B) left edge or right edge. These conditions never fulfilled. That's why I may need your help to explain more on these algorithm, please :   Type A - if SectPxlY < (HexagonH - SectPxlX * m) then begin - if SectPxlY < (- HexagonH + SectPxlX * m) then begin   Type B - if sectPxlY < (2 * HexagonH - SectPxlX * m) then begin - if SectPxlY < (SectPxlX * m) then begin   Appreciate if you could help, I've already stuck for few days Thanks!
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