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    Frog Jumper - Obstacle Avoidance Game

    Looks fun, was the art style made in Flash or Illustrator? I like it a lot, very clean
  2. Well, many people have already proven they can develop successful games without an education like that. However, it all depends on what kind of person you are. Are you someone who needs structure or needs motivation from others? Then a game design education could be an option because it would provide you that structure. Furthermore, you'll have interesting like-minded people to talk with. However, in my opinion 99% of what is taught in those classes can be learned from online tutorials and online community interactions as well. If you learn best by being your own teacher then you might not need such an education Hope it helps!
  3. IndieFleur

    Math for Game Developers: Calculus

    Great article! Hoping you will keep updating it every week :)
  4. IndieFleur

    Windows 10

    When I first read it I thought I was ready an Onion article or something lol. I really dislike this decision
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