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  1. Hey all,   We’re Soloweb, a small development team based on the island of Curacao (just off the north coast of Venezuela), and just wanted to tell you all about the launch of our debut game, Aero’s Quest!     It’s a challenging old-school platformer in the same vein as Mega Man and Super Meat Boy. As you can see we’ve gone for the retro aesthetic but given the game a couple of contemporary twists, so if you enjoy games of that style and difficulty you should give it a try! The full game includes over 100 levels across 10 unique worlds and a full original soundtrack.   To celebrate the launch we’re currently offering the game at a 25% discount on Steam, so grab it while you can.   Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/367780   If you have any questions we’ll be more than happy to answer them. Be sure to let us know what you think of Aero’s Quest!   Thanks!  
  2. AERO'S QUEST is in BETA   Finally after one year of work, after being greenlit in 4 weeks and after presenting the game at Pax back in January Aero's Quest is quite ready.   Check out the PRE-RELEASE trailer   We will announce the official release on Steam (PC/Mac) next week (will be quite soon anyway) and these last days will be dedicated to implement the Steam API and to beta test the game.   Since the game will be published in 5 different languages, will have several different settings to allow slower PC to run the game and will be available for both PC and Mac with slightly different features we are still looking for BETA TESTERS:   If you would like to be one of them please subscribe to our AERO'S QUEST BETA TESTING PROGRAM   We really thank you for all your support!   Soon updates!
  3. Hi everybody   First of all thanks to make us win the image of the day! We really appreciate that!   A little update: if you'd like to play for free the Alpha of Aero's quest in now available again: please contact the Aero's Quest Facebook Page.   Thank you
  4. Hi everybody   This post is a follow up of the original announcement/browser game post about Aero's Quest. We kept developing the game till today and finally we can announce that we have a playable Alpha and the game landed on Steam Greenlight and it's doing very well (I linked the page in case you'd like to support us). Here you can watch the GAMEPLAY TEASER If you'd like to play our Alpha you can either buy (only 1$) the latest groupees Greenlight Bundle getting along our build other 9 titles and the steam keys, or you can request it to us on our Facebook Page   Here some screenshot of the game in different levels:           More videos and images on the website aerosquest.com. Thanks everybody for the feedback   ivano
  5. Hi Everybody   following up the post here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/661891-aeros-quest/ where we were announcing the BETA of the game here is a new post since the official release is live. Just a quick recap (for the details I leave you to the old post): Aero's Quest is a game we are developing for PC/Windows and Mac/OS X (we'll try to get the license for consoles as well) and we decided to make a (lot) smaller version to play for free on your browser (only desktop/laptop, no mobile devices). The purpose of it is to show the mechanics and the game-play of the title and to create a bit of buzz around the game. Obviously the bigger version will be way bigger with much more features but I will explain better in details about the PC version in a new post once we can show an early demo. Here is the teaser for the browser game: And here is where you can play the game for free: http://aerosquest.com/html5/ We will keep updating the game with new rooms and new features while we will finish with the bigger development. Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback. If you'd like more info about the project you're more than welcome to visit the site: aerosquest.com  
  6. solowebnv

    Aero's Quest

    Based on the feedback emails we got we just updated the version at the same URL with few fixes and few more features. Thanks again for playing!
  7. solowebnv

    Aero's Quest

    Hi everybody I'd like to introduce you Aero's Quest, a title in development since 4 months ago by me in behalf of Soloweb N.V. Studios and ravenseyestudios.com We are developing the game for PC/Windows, Mac/OS X and we are planning to ask soon for the Sony and Microsoft license (btw if someone here on the board has got some info about the timing and procedures to get it please let us know. thanks). Here you can find the announcement trailer: Beside the main versions of the game we are also developing a smaller HTML5 free version just to show a little bit of the game, the game-play and the game style. We just released a HTML5 beta version and you can play it online at this link: http://aerosquest.com/html5/ Obviously the HTML5 version is way smaller and less complex than the others but hopefully you may find it funny as well. Kindly let me know your feedback, what would you change, what would you add and if you spot any bug or glitch. Thanks for playing!  
  8. solowebnv

    Showcase your game at PAX, any feedback?

    Hi Ravyne, nice to meet you   What you just told me is more or less what other people told me so far, which is good for my point of view: both the ways (lot of people or less but more intimate) can be useful if managed in the right way. In one case you get the chance to shoot your name to big volumes, in the other way you might hook better eventual buyers.   I think we will try at least this time (the Pax South has been choosen more for the date of the event than any other reason) and then we'll see.   thanks for your answer
  9. Hello,   in the last 3-4 months we are developing ("we" as a team) a new indie game that might be finished (hopefully) around spring 2015. We are seriously interested to showcase the game (aero's quest) at the Pax South in San Antonio next January. I've already contacted the Pennyarcade organization and we are about to send back the contract for a small booth. My question is: is there any of you who had the chance to present your game to such a big expo and in case of positive answer did it bring the exposure/ROI you were hoping? Are there any good alternatives?   My concern is due to the fact that the investment is quite big for us, not really for the price of the booth itself but because our company is based outside the US.   Thanks in advance for any reply   ivano
  10. Hi Everybody   we just released iPong: The Game, a little game pong-style (yes, another one) that doesn't pretend to be something is not, but we hope is gonna give you at least good fun. The game takes place in space, here the story-line: "Space, deep space. It would be the year 2750 but planet Earth is no longer a liveable place since long time ago when the remaining of humanity started to explore the Universe to find new possibilities and new chances of surviving. Universe is populated with several kinds, the most notables: - Humanoids: the first breed born as a result of a mix between the first human who left Earth and one of the extincted Novars; they are more evolved but as slow as humans - Trolls: sneaky and unreliable the troll kind often reaches what it wants using any kind of shortcut, they are fast but they have limited intelligence - Skulls: the worse of the space breeds and the strongest. They are bad, angry and powerful. The leadership of the Universe is now determined with the games of iPong: will you be able to bring humanity on top?"  Even if it is a pong-style game we added several features to make it a bit different: - Single Player mode (wow...) - 2 players on same device - Multiplayer on Lan and online (crossplaftform since the game is available for Mac/OS X too) - Original studio recorded sountrack - Loads of Power-ups - Arcade tournament - HD graphics - Keyboard/Joypad   The game has been developed entirely with GameMaker: Studio and it is available on Desura for PC/Windows and Mac/OS X for only 2.49 USD   Here the direct link to the page of Desura       Thanks for the attention. If anyone wants to try a Demo please contact me in private.    
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