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  1. In response for Unity not being well suited for 2D graphics, take a look at this game that was made through unity. Many other 2D games have been easily used with it, and while I haven't personally explored it, I have heard good word for it.   bulbboygame.com   I have worked with GameMaker, and if you understand GML code, it can be a good tool. The best tool for game development in general is raw programming itself, though. I've started learning C++ which can be used with SFML to open up a world of possibilities for games. C++ is the language that most video games (old and new) use and is vitally important to know if you want to work for any major gaming industry. It's really flexible and cross-platform. It's difficult at first, but here's a list of tutorials and the official SFML documentation to help you out. (Note: SFML is basically the thing you need to be able to use graphics, sound and other forms of media with C++)   Important: It's really important for you to understand C++ BEFORE learning SFML as SFML is just an extension of C++. It might take a little time, but learning programming is never easy but it is completely worth it.   C++ Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYbeLBVG34I&list=PLB531F4D725609583  SFML Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLpD54gx_5w&list=PLRtjMdoYXLf776y4K432eL_qPw4na_py3 SFML Documentation: http://sfml-dev.org/tutorials/2.1/   (My recommended compiler for C++ is Visual Studio Express 2013.) (Also, the current version you'll need for SFML is SFML 2.1. SFML 1.6 is no longer being updated and is outdated in many areas.)   Happy developing!
  2. Character Ideas For My New Game

    I'd too like to know the answers facehead1992 asked.   However, I'd like to note, that while your game might be inspired by Timberman, it's important to create an original game as well that has something that makes it stand out from other IOS games. The mobile industry is tough with so many indies turning to that platform, so try to make yours have that extra "umph" that makes it stand out from the ocean of others.   I haven't played Timberman, but if there's any room for a magic character, that'd be cool to see!    Or, you know, a talking bear character.
  3. Are 2D side-scrollers too common?

    I see that you're debating on a Legend of Zelda style, but in my opinion, that too is "overdone". If you look at any genre, there are dozens if not hundreds if not thousands in every genre, which pretty much makes every genre "overdone". (Examples: 3D Survivals, 2D Sidescrollers, retro stryle RPGs)   However, you can still make your game stick out in any genre as long as you do it well.    I would look at games that failed in the genre to see what they potentially did wrong and then compare them to those who did well and look for key things that those guys did right. But overall, don't make a clone of another military FPS 2D sidescroller. Make it it's own entity, it's own original game.
  4. So You Want to be a Game Programmer?

  5. So, You Have Cool Game Ideas?

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