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  1. Mritke

    GUI liblary C++

    Thank for your help, guys. Turbobadger looks very promising. Rendering interfaces is very similar to my current one, so it should be easy to integrate. CEGUI looks good too. Thx once more.
  2. Mritke

    GUI liblary C++

    I did research. And i found few nice libraries. But usually they are strong cupled with graphic part, or got strange dependencies(i need it to be cross-platform). They are good to start project with them, but hard to integrate with custom render pipeline. I found one(http://www.alhem.net/project/gui/) in style that i need, its is quite old but i can learn some thing from it. Probably easiest way is to write my own code, modeled on the popular solutions and formats.
  3. Mritke

    GUI liblary C++

    Hi,     I am looking for lib that can handle GUI in engine. The drawing and logic parts are ready, i need library only to handle position, scale and hierarchy of elements(ex. "this element is part of that window and they are moving together"). Maybe to save/read info about gui in some file(like XML in WPF).
  4. Your iterator porobably goes somewere out of range so: nvIter != g_Invaders.invaders->end(); is never true.  You need to update nvIter per outer lool, not in inner loop. for (vector<Invader*>::iterator invIter = g_Invaders.invaders->begin(); invIter != g_Invaders.invaders->end(); ) { bool isThisInvaderHit=false; for (list<Bullet*>::iterator it = ship->Bullets->begin(); it != ship->Bullets->end(); it++) { float left = (*it)->Position.x - 5; float top = (*it)->Position.y - 13; if (CheckCollision(left, top, (*invIter)->AlienSprite->m_X, (*invIter)->AlienSprite->GetImage()->GetWidth() / 4 , (*invIter)->AlienSprite->m_Y, (*invIter)->AlienSprite->GetImage()->GetHeight() / 4)) { Iw2DSetColour(0xff0000ff); // Set red Iw2DDrawRect(CIwFVec2(left, top), CIwFVec2((*invIter)->AlienSprite->m_W, (*invIter)->AlienSprite->m_H)); // Draw red outline isThisInvaderHit=true; } } if(isThisInvaderHit) { invIter = g_Invaders.invaders->erase(invIter); } else { ++invIter; } }
  5. What do you mean by erosion? I mean morphologycal filters, so you can remove some details from image. So you can use it as "big detail" base without blurring it.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematical_morphology
  6. Maybe try to use dilation and erosion for different layers of detail?
  7. Mritke

    Inner shadow pixel shader

    Blurr the alpha channel(you can control it), and save original alpha. In next step multiply color by blurred value(you get shadow), and use original alpha to get original shape. And you can do it in single shader.
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