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  1.   The other things I think I've got somewhat of a handle on, but this bit kinda stumps me. As this branch of Ubisoft is in bulgaria, I have literally no idea what sort of salary is common there. This question was actually part of the application form and I believe I simply put "An entry level salary" or something similar. I tried looking for figures for bulgarian game devs, but as you might imagine, there is not a whole lot of information out there.
  2. Yea, thanks a lot for that, it was actually quite helpful to get in the right sort of mindset. Apparently the test and the interview is somewhat interlinked, so I'm guessing that I can expect followup questions like these to answers that I might not have gotten completely right.
  3.   Well without cheating and googling it,  my first thought would be to have a list of overriding methods for each virtual method which could then be chosen from based on the type of the object that contains the method.
  4.   Okay, but let's say you're at work writing the compiler for our fancy new scripting language in our game and you have to implement something like dynamic dispatch. What approach would you take?     Well, to be honest, I would look up what other people have done to solve this problem and try to adapt that to the current situation. I'm not sure that would be an acceptable answer at an interview though.
  5. I would be able to tell you how to use the virtual keyword and why polymorphism is useful, however I wouldn't be able to tell you much about how dynamic dispatch works under the hood.   This partly why im worried, as I feel like I have some gaps in my knowledge when it comes to these types of questions. My CS degree was more focused on the low level stuff, and my Games technology master was more focused on very high level stuff, if that makes sense.
  6. I'm not really worried about problem solving with C++, which I think I'm relatively good at. I am however somewhat worried about the more details of the language as well as the specific behaviour of the compiler, as I usually figure those things out when it becomes relevant to the problem I'm trying to solve, or when it results in a bug.   For instance vtables is not something I've ever come across while using C++, so I have next to no knowledge about them.
  7. HI everyone,   I applied at Ubisoft Sofia, and managed to impress them enough with my initial online coding test, that they're flying me down there for a 2 hour c++ and math paper test and an interview.   I have never taken any sort of test like this before, however, and I'm not exactly sure what the test is going to contain and how to prepare. I have found various c++ tests online, but none of them are game specific, so I'm not sure if they are representative of what I'm going to encounter.   Does anyone have any experience taking these sort of tests either at ubisoft or other game companies? If so what topics did it cover?   Also if anyone know of any more game specific c++ tests that you can take online, I would really appreciate a link.
  8. BenjaminMark

    Question about programming portfolio

    It seems to be slightly different for smaller companies. I just applied to two small companies, and it seems that they had a look at my portfolio before moving me to the next step in the process. One of the emails specifically mentioned my portfolio, and the other one mentioned that my previous projects would be a topic of discussion in the interview.   This is, however, taken from two relatively vague emails and nothing else, so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but I doubt it can hurt your chances to have a nice website to show prospective employers when you're applying to small companies.
  9. BenjaminMark

    How do you ace the interview?

    Thanks for the advice, I hadn't seen the thing about backtracking before.     I did not know this existed. I'll definitely have a look at that immediately.
  10. BenjaminMark

    How do you ace the interview?

    I have indeed found tons of general interview stuff, but what I was looking for was more C#+Unity specific technical questions, so I know more specifically what I need to brush up on. Thank you for the general overview though. The questions I ask at the interview does seem particularly important, and I will definitely prepare a list of questions that I can ask beforehand.
  11. Hello everyone, its me again.   You guys' feedback on my CV must have been spot on, because I've managed to land myself an interview with a small game company(As well as a programming test for another one). The interview is going to be conducted by the programming team, as they like to let people choose their own colleagues. The company is working mainly with C# and Unity, so I'm assuming that is what the technical part of the interview is going to focus on. I have had trouble finding any information about what sort of questions could be asked in this situation, so if anyone have any experience with this sort of thing, I would love to hear any examples you've got.
  12. BenjaminMark

    Could use some feedback on my CV

    I updated the descriptions to try and emphasize that I did stuff as well as giving concrete examples on what I did. I have to say that it feels better already, so again, thanks a lot for the feedback. I also got rid of the confusing popup iframes.   If anyone feels like checking out the new and hopefully improved version, I'd be grateful for any feedback.
  13. BenjaminMark

    Could use some feedback on my CV

    Thank you for all the feedback. Very helpful. What exactly do you mean by "action terms" though?   I have to say I was worried about the hover images not being intuitive, and it seems that my concerns have been validated. I should be able to get rid of those pop-up iframes. Not sure about the overall scriptyness of the site, as I have very little experience with web development.
  14. Hi everyone I graduated a couple of weeks ago, and I'm about to start sending out job applications. I am pretty lost when it comes to this stuff, and frankly kinda intimidated, so if anyone feels like helping out a stranger and giving me some feedback on my CV and/or website, I would be grateful. CV Website It should probably be noted that I am planning on mostly applying to jobs in Europe, as I'm doubting that a US based company would get me a visa with no experience under my belt.
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