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  1. I am suspecting about this, do you think, is it possible? When my problem occurs, unity consol shows "Wright wall hit" then "Shoot" in this case, first wall applies force to ball on left direction, then uparrowe codes eliminate all forces and gives a forward force. But ball is moving to left side. I think unity first reading codes for collision of right cube and shows the "Right wall hit", then it applies the force to left direction. If ? push the uparrow button, while collision of right cube is occuring, system gives priority to my uparrow button and it is freezing the collision of right cube just after console writes "Right wall hit", then uparrow codes works, they eliminate all forces and gives just forward direction force, after uparrow codes finish, right cube collision continue and it applies to force on left direction.
  2. Hi every body. I have a problem about applying force to an object. My scene is this. There is two cube on the scene and they have distance  between them. At the middele o f these 2 cuve there is a sphere. When the game start as soon as sphere hit the plane the plane applying just  for 1 time a force to right. Then sphere hits the right cube and the cube applyes force to left, left cube applyes force to right, it goes in  this way. When player push the uparrow, I tried the eliminate all the forces on sphere and try to give force on forward direction. This codes are  working good but sometimes when player shoots the ball it doesnt eliminates all power, sphere goes to forward and right or forward and left.  What is the reason do you think.     Here is the video link maybe it helps to you for easier understanding. First shoot is okey for me but second one is fail. By the way for both shoots it says "SHOOT" at the console so it proves my codes in the uparrow case was worked.         Here is the code. public var first: int =1; public var firstshoot: int =1; function Start () { } function Update () { if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.UpArrow)) { firstshoot=0; rigidbody.velocity = Vector3.zero; rigidbody.angularVelocity = Vector3.zero;  rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.forward * 3000); Debug.Log ("Shoot"); } } function OnCollisionEnter (thecollision : Collision){ if (thecollision.gameObject.name == "FinishLine"){ Application.LoadLevel (0); } if (thecollision.gameObject.name == "Plane" && first == 1){ Debug.Log ("Floor Hit"); rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.right * 500); first=0; } if (thecollision.gameObject.name == "Cube1" && firstshoot == 1){ Debug.Log ("Right Wall Hit"); rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.right * -3000); } if (thecollision.gameObject.name == "Cube2" && firstshoot == 1){ Debug.Log ("Left Wall Hit"); rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.right * 3000); } }
  3. Hi everybody. I searched google but could not find something enough siple for me. Could you    please help me.   The case is this: There is a ball on scene and a kick button also there is a gui object    which is for determining the ball direction.   There is 120 level on gui object. The level is changing by time but I want it to be fast,    because user should not catch it easly. Cany we change the levels according to milisecond    for example per 2 milisecond 1 level.   After this, how can get the value of gu? object's value when I press the kick button and    give it to ball as a direction. Thanks a lot for your helps.   By the way, I am using javascript.
  4. Hi to everybody. I need your ideas for a problem. Please help about it.   I want to develop a mobile game and my practices are already started. I am spending to much time for this job.   I examined Google play top grossing list. Most of the games in this list designed professionally by corporations so there is a team behind of these games. Also there are a few games designed by just one person and I think a person can finish this kind of game in 1-2 years. For example traffic racer. Here is video of it.     Also there are a few web sites which estimating revenu of mobile games. For example thinkgaming.com.   I could not find daily revenue of traffic racer in thinkgamig but daily revenue of hill climb racing is around 10000 dollar. Hill climb racin is at the 126 grade in the list and traffic racer is at 134.   My assumption is this: There is 8 grade difference between hill climb and traffic racer. So let say traffic racer's revenue is 5000 dolar per day. Another thing thinkgamin is just giving you estimation, so revenues are not exact amount, but at least they are doing this job professionally. Let say thinkgaming is %50 wrong in their estimation. In conclusion traffic racer making 2500 dollar daily revenue. In a month, it is 75000 dollars.   Here is my question and contradiction: Is this job that much profitable, if yes why everybody do not starting to develop that kind of middle quality games.   Thanks for your helps.
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