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  1. Fraynk

    What is game maker?

    Are there any better ways for an aspiring game dev to make a game? Or are Game Maker and Construct about the best for this kind of stuff?
  2. Fraynk

    What is game maker?

    Is construct worth buying? it looks better. I tried game maker and it wasn't very good. Plus the amount of typos they had in their text make me question if they were literate.
  3. Fraynk

    What is game maker?

    Is it worth buying the 99 dollar version? Or should I invest in something else?
  4. Fraynk

    What is game maker?

    OP is just lazy ;) thanks for noticing and being helpful
  5. I've been on this site for about an hour and have no idea what game maker is. It seems like a really useful resource, but I can't figure out what it is. Please help.
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