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    bowling game

    Hi.   I'm an indie developer, and I'm working on a bowling game.  I posted a beta version here:   http://gamechanger.altervista.org/bowling/bowling.html   If you could provide some feedback on how to make it better, I'd appreciate it.   Thanks.  
  2. boolfone


        I was using Eclipse and the Android SDK.  What tools were you using?   Thanks.
  3. I'm thinking of developing a bowling game for the PC.  Before delving into it too much though, I want to see what games are currently out there.  Is there anything like the App Store for PC?  I want to try out PC bowling games but without potentially getting a virus or adware.   Thanks.  
  4. boolfone


    Has anyone here successfully programmed the MOGA controller for Android?   I tried getting it working but was sorely vexed and unsuccessful.   Thanks.  
  5. boolfone


    What are the current reasonable mechanisms for monetizing a PC game?   Thanks.
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