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    Orphan - Alien Apocalypse Platformer - On Kickstarter!

     The Kickstarter ends Monday so please check it out if you haven't already!
  2. [attachment=25675:1.jpg] http://kck.st/1Ca51uV   Orphan is a 2D action platformer that depicts an abandoned young boy fighting for survival during an overnight alien invasion, set to the backdrops of collapsing rural industries and fiery apocalyptic sermons.   Orphan’s gameplay is based on stealth as the main character is a mostly defenseless 8 year old boy, but through acquiring caches of military and alien weapons the game will transition to an action oriented platformer pitting the boy against the invading forces. Visually, Orphan is a blend of Appalachian photos and silhouette graphics, designed to run at a full 1080p.   Orphan is looking to release on PC, Mac and Linux in the first quarter of 2016 and subsequently on multiple consoles.   Please check it out at http://kck.st/1Ca51uV
  3. RT @OriginalPSP: Just saw the news. Be careful, Phoenix. My thoughts are with you. http://t.co/9HG4yUwAUX
  4. My 12yo son is so good for my self esteem... "Do you think the people who made Limbo are going to sue you for stealing their design?" OMG
  5.   Hello, I've launched a new teaser trailer for Orphan!   Also I've just put it on Steam Greenlight. If you are Steam user I would appreciate your support!  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=350786383   Also I'm on twitter as [twitter]WindyHillStudio[/twitter]
  6. RT @BarryMCollins: Dog shaking simulator, I'll take my IGF award now thanks. #gamedev #unity3d http://t.co/GKaIsAgDmr
  7. Beginning hour three of debugging the forest fire.... #gamemaker #gamedev #indiedev http://t.co/pmzhZhWoSw
  8. How many resources does the average 1-man indie game contain? I'm already over 1,200! #gamemaker #gamedev #indiedev http://t.co/ucIIlEhfvl
  9. I really want Orphan to be able run one way and aim and shoot the other. It's my biggest programming challenge I'm losing. #gamedev
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