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  1. Because i want to see what the community likes to see and want
  2. Contact me personally or down below in the comments.   maxingdeme@gmail.com skype: dreamingcain steam: dreamingcain
  3. I need ideas for a sick haunted game that twitch streamers could play and walkthrough. I also need people to helpout with gfx,vfx and 3d animations? any ideas leave below pleasee.
  4. Hey fellas!   I am writing to ask any of the following: programmers, web designers, graphics designers, video editors, and 3d visual effects people to see if anyone is interested in forming a new indie team. I planned on aiing to develop games on the console and steam greenlight and eventually applications on android and iOS. Preferrably I am looking for team members under the age of 21 and dedicated. I will list the contact info below   Contact:   Email: kdemers1523@gmail.com or maxingdeme@gmail.com Skype: dreamingcain Steam: dreamingcain anyone wanna start an indie team?
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