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  1. Kyete

    Other World Mapper - Kickstarter

    Less than 36 hours to go!   We've achieved the fifth stretch goal, DM tools, and we're closing in on the sixth!
  2. Kyete

    Other World Mapper - Kickstarter

    Last 4 days!   We've reached our fourth stretch goal, which includes multiple views in the same map project, map item links and border tools!   Our last three stretch goals have been revealed.   Fifth Stretch Goal: $19000 Dungeon Master Mode Dungeon Master Tools   Sixth Stretch Goal: $22000 River and Road Contour Label Tool Configurable Light Sources Cloud Tool   Final Stretch Goal: $25000 Mac OS X Beta Linux Beta   Thank you so much everyone for your support!
  3. Kyete

    Other World Mapper - Kickstarter

    Other World Mapper has funded. Thank you so much everyone!     We've reached our first stretch goal and are close to our second, which will add dungeon map tools! Our third stretch goal has also been revealed.   Third Stretch Goal: $14000 City map tools Parallels and Meridians for map projections Import of SVG files for use as “map layers” (such as landmasses)   Also, Anna B. Meyer, a professional map maker known to many of you, wrote a wonderful blog entry on Other World Mapper! Check out her blog and her awesome work! http://ghmaps.net/other-world-mapper/  
  4. Kyete

    Other World Mapper

    Maps and images from Other World Mapper, a unique map making program.
  5. Kyete

    Other World Mapper - Kickstarter

    We're at almost 70% of our goal! Thank you everyone for your support! We've had a lot of great feedback and have decided to add two new functions to our first stretch goal. Location notes for any map item. SVG support for map feature artwork and the inclusion of a small set of SVG symbols.   We also have a video sneak peek of an early test for the dungeon tools of our second stretch goal. [video=youtube_share;4vI9mx2WZng]http:[/video]   Here's another early alpha test, this one of a cave style map.
  6. Kyete

    Other World Mapper - Kickstarter

    Thank you for taking the time to look at our project. We're just past 30% of our funding goal! The first two stretch goals have been revealed. We really hope to get to the awesome stuff in these.   First Stretch Goal: $10000 Option for labels to auto-center on objects Option to populate regions with features (i.e. fill a region with trees).   Second Stretch Goal: $12000 Tools and artwork for creating Dungeon Maps   Here's a preview of some of the early artwork for the science fiction set which will be part of the art expansion.
  7. Other World Mapper is a new program in development by Three Minds Software, LLC. It is designed so that detailed maps can be made quickly and easily.   Map Elements All map elements are created on their own separate layer, so they are easy to move and manipulate. There are 5 drawing tools:   Lands Rivers Bodies of Water Regions Roads   These tools are stored as vectors, so that the map elements can be rotated and scaled without losing resolution, and rasterized each time they are edited. All of them have their own customizable settings and options (pen type, amplitude, line thickness, opacity, color, texture, etc.). Lands, rivers and bodies of water can automatically generate shorelines, and regions can "follow" the outline of any drawn element.   Art for features, such as mountains and castles, can be imported to create a specific look to the map.   Other World Mapper will be DRM-free and royalty free. Here is an example map created entirely in Other World Mapper (alpha version) in less than 30 minutes. [attachment=24139:LumandriaFinal2nd.png]   Here are the links to the official website, Facebook and Kickstarter. Official Site Facebook Kickstarter  
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