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  1. Job Interview Friday

    Well, I got a job interview on friday with a game developer for the position of "Production Assistant". Now, I am kind of curious as to what exactly a production assistant does. I'm sure I will be trained on the job, and also I am sure that the position will vary based on company, but just a broad generalization of what one would do in this position would be quite helpful. I'm guessing it is a creative position that would require helping the leading of a team(Thus assistant). But who knows...might be a fancy name for book-keeper. Any input would be nice!
  2. Just found this live journal from the wife of an EA employee...thought it might maybe get some discussion going about the current state of the industry...I know the company I worked for worked in the same fasion as EA...time for change? Think about it. http://www.livejournal.com/users/ea_spouse/
  3. rubiks cube AI in this program?

    If you buy an actual cube it comes with the "solution/algorithm" with how to solve it. It should be no problem coding it up from there...also if you google rubik's cube algorithm you can see all kinds of solutions...I guess there is 40+ different ways. Here is one that my brother uses to solve them. Good Luck!
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