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  1. CanvasBushi

    Looking to team up with a game builder

    can you show samples of your digital artworks?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for an Artist interested in designing and painting game assets, concepts and illustrations with a small game development team. Must be atleast: - Intermediate - Advanced Digital Artist, someone who is not a beginner. - Willing to put in the effort and time needed to create professional games. A dedicated person who is able to share our passion and dream of simply making successful games. - Fun and able to take a joke? haha FAQ: - What are you working on? We work on several projects, not all at once ofcourse. We design, Implement and publish games, we simply love games. - Do you have discord? No and not willing to use discord for professional conversions/collabs. Contact: canvasbushi@gmail.com Please send samples of your work or you will not receive a reply.
  3. a huge wall of text... all the downvoting and comments. I have learned, no point in replying anymore ^^''
  4. and i suppose next you'll tell me pigs fly.
  5. We're just going to have to disagree on this one. Its true you can single out a programmer with the highest salary, but on average this won't be the case.
  6. most of this is just useless prattle, any game designer doing all this is not a game designer(if that makes sense xD). This guy is probably just stroking his ego with this comment. I understand why people feel this way about the idea guy(among indie devs), it usually represents a slacker, someone with no real technical skill, a leech that benefits from everyone's hard work, etc and i could say more but i think thats enough. Despite all this, the idea guy is usually someone high up in the business, like an investor, founder, sometimes even a director or manager. The professional idea guy(game designer/ideation expert(writer)) comes in with years of experience working on several projects, theyre responsible for developing many of the documents that describe the game before it makes it to a programmer or artist. If the Idea guy did not exist, programmers and artists couldnt function properly, theyd all have conflicting ideas and basically nobody would even have an idea of what theyre making. PS: frob plz dont mute me T_T PS PS: Programmers are usually the grunts in most software company(games are software just in case you were wondering).
  7. CanvasBushi

    How to Get to the Next Level

    What is this "next level" you're talking about? is that like some kool slang for kids these days?
  8. There are "Idea guys" in many game studios but theyre called writers and/or game designers. This is as close to idea man you're going to get and these roles are extremely difficult and require years of experience. PS: I love seeing Tom Sloper's comments haha just saying No has a certain ring to it.
  9. Looking for a composer to help me complete a mobile game and possibly other projects. Must be able to create: Game Music SFX MFX/Jingles Write Design Documents Prefer someone who is able to get results quickly. Also, a NDA will be required. Contact: canvasbushi@gmail.com
  10. Hi, a small team is looking for a game developer/programmer with experience developing games in several engines, primarily Godot. Must be dedicated enough to work on a project until completion and gain results in a reasonable amount of time. contact: canvasbushi@gmail.com
  11. Hello, A small game development team is looking for Volunteer Video Game Testers for an Android/Web Game. We're also seeking a talented Marketer/Social Media Expert. For more information or if you wish to join our team, please contact me at canvasbushi@gmail.com
  12. Hello, A small game development team is looking for an experienced PR/Marketing/Social Media Expert to join our team. Responsibilities: - Promote games on popular social media platforms. - Write up Press Kits / Press Releases. - Write articles promoting games. - Develop and Implement Marketing strategies. - Manage a community of gamers. - Record Videos/Live Stream. Only serious applicants should apply. Samples of your work must be present in your initial contact. Only shortlist applicants will be contacted. Email: canvasbushi@gmail.com We hope to hear from you soon.
  13. Hello, A small game development team is looking for a talented and skilled Concept Artist to join our team. Responsibilities: - Character Art and Design - Environment and World Concept Art - Creature Art and Design - Concept Artist capable of bringing ideas to life. - Familiarity with Fantasy Themes and Exaggerated Art Styles. - Understanding of Form, Lighting and Color Theory. - Ability to work well in a team. Only serious applicants should apply. Samples of your work must be present in your initial contact. Only shortlist applicants will be contacted. email: canvasbushi@gmail.com We hope to hear from you soon.
  14. Hello Ewok, This position is for a team working on several titles, not just for a single project. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings.
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