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    growing from XNA.

    Thanks. By learning and learned I didn't mean 100%. I get that you always learning new things. I just meant after I had learnt enough to get some things done. Was trying to figure out if its worth it starting with XNA. Or just starting with Unity as it can handle 2D. Because I will be using it for the final 3D product.I will be going through some XNA regardless. It's what the course I am taking is done in. C# is C# as I believe it. But is anything in XNA transferable to Unity. I guess that's what Im getting it
  2. TooSpecial

    growing from XNA.

    Just a quick one. I found a course on C# with XNA. I know XNA is fineto but there are other things like monogame. I just wanted to find out from others who have done it. How much more would I need to learn to go onto monogame from XNA. The things I do with either will just be for practice and learning purposes. So should I bother with mono or just stick with XNA untill I feel confident enough to move on to other things. Such as Unity. I plan on making a few 2D games to figure out what's what and help plan out my 3D game like a rough copy. So should I just stay with those two untill I'm ready to go onto Unity for the 3D. Or move onto Unity for the 2D bits as well to learn the engine. I ask this because I don't want to spend to much time learning one thing if it doesn't translate at all to my future plans. Thanks guys. Oh rite. Is it difficult going from XNA to Unity. The programing will be the same with C#. But will I have to do less with an engine that takes over more. Or can I still do a lot of the programing that the engine could do anyway.
  3. TooSpecial

    first steps.

    Hey guys. Thanks for the help. Yes C# is my first language. I will try going through some snippets and swing what I can piece together. I have actually signed up for the coursera course called Beginning game programming with C# that starts in Feb. Really looking forward to it. Just wanted something to get ne going in the mean time. I just find it easier to learn when its structured. Once I have the basics of something I enjoy adding to it with snippets. Thanks for the help. Sorry again for asking such a popular question. And best of luck to all the others undertaking this.
  4. TooSpecial

    first steps.

    Hi guys.   I had planned on making a game with a dev team, but I will be relocating soon and don't want to have to start up a new team. So this leaves me in the place of having to do everything myself. Bar paying some artists to make my assets.   I want to learn C#.   The problem is how do I begin. I have searched for some help here and Google and have com up with a few answers. But have hit dead ends with them all.   I found some books at a second hand book shop but when I tried to find there resources online I had no luck at all. The books I got were Learn C# By Programming Games. And Introduction To Programming Through Game Development Using Microsoft XNA Game Studio. Some sites want me to register an pay for the downloads and the site verysillygames which should have the assets for Introduction To Programming Through Game Development Using Microsoft XNA Game Studio, only comes up with assets for some other book that I cant find and don't plan on ordering it over the net.   What I find on this site is lost of small segments of the whole package. A book would have been preferable but with the frustration I have had so far I'm inclined to look for other options. Where can I find something textual that goes from the beginning, aimed at game development in C#, with readily available assets. Online tutorials would be fantastic but the ones I have found are aimed at C# in general. I know there is nothing special about the programming of a game as C# is C#. But I want it to be in context of what interests me. But I most definitely need it all in one place in lesson format. As apposed to have to read many different things in many different places and try and peace it all together.   I don't mind starting with 2D as it will be easier to get assets for the game. But I do plan on moving to 3D sooner or later. So I will be using Unity when I get there. As a noob I don't know what to expect, but it seems using Visual Studio to start off will let me learn alot more about it all than jumping into Unity and having it handle alot of things that I would then miss out on learning about.   Sorry for the long message. And sorry to those who get to answer this question day in and day out. I am just so frustrated that I cant find anything. And what I do find is incomplete or not aimed at Game Dev.   Thanks for any help.
  5. TooSpecial

    Xray Engine Upgrade

    Sorry if this double posts. I walked out of the Wi-Fi spot and it didn't seem to send when I walked back in. Is it safe to say any engine can be worked to do what I want with it. Or will I still be locked in with the limitations of the engine I choose. As in will the Unreal engine be able to handle hundreds of AI. I will have tons of wildlife. Dangerous and non dangerous. I need them to react to each other. I need migration to take place. So if the animals are startled by the player. Or if the weather changes and they need to find food, I need them to wonder off. So that they aren't always in the same location. I need a pretty similar thing going on with the enemy and other people in the game. On a side note. Can to engines run at the same time. Having one engine just for AI, day night and weather changes and some other odds and ends. And another to do loading of maps and other calculations.
  6. TooSpecial

    Xray Engine Upgrade

    Hi all.   Hoping this is an easy question to answer. I am looking for an engine to build a game over. I don't know to much about this, but I know what I have liked in another system. Its just not perfect for what I want to do. I really enjoyed playing the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games and the Xray engine its running on. So the first thing i want to ask is if there is something a bit more modern. Like an Xray engine capable of utilizing everything in DX11.   The problems with Xray is that it seems a bit outdated. And is known for being rather unstable and not very streamlined when it comes to resource management. What I really need in a game engine is the ability to run multiple AI, have night and day cycles, life cycles for NPCs and everything else Xray has going for it. But I need it to work over a much bigger environment. Xray is limited to rather small loaded sections at a time. I need huge draw distances. I need slight environmental destruction. There will be shelter building, so braking of things such as scrap metal and wood from buildings. I do suppose I could just program something like that in and don't really need any physics involved in it. But its obviously flashier to make somethings destructible. I want item and weapon decay. With repairs and mods to weapons and construction of items being possible. I want random weather changes. And complete seasons. From heat waves in summer to complete ground coverage of snow in winter. I don't expect it to snow so much in the game that it covers the ground itself. But i do want snow build up on building roofs and over trees and the like. The ground coverage will just be part of the map. There is a few other things I am wanting. I just cant think of them right now. But It all just points to a suped up Xray engine.   The other option is making my own engine. But in all honesty I don't have the time or resources to do that. So what are the steps and possibilities of modding the Xray engine to do what I want. Will it be legal for me to do that. Or would I need to purchase the engine from the developers to do what I want it to. Because that wont be happening.   I did search on the forums for what I am looking for, but didn't find exactly what I wanted.   Thanks for any help you can send my way.
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