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  1. I use a slightly older version of the library (2.30.2), so this might have been changed, but in this version there is no null check when using the indexing operator,   So this throws a null pointer exception: array<int>@ arr = null; arr.length(); But this does not: array<int>@ arr = null; arr[0];
  2. Myran

    Reference type memory leak?

    So I have a reference type where i register the asBEHAVE_ADDREF and asBEHAVE_RELEASE behaviours, and I construct this reference type in C++. So in AngelScript I have a C++ method that returns this reference type, but if I never assign the returned value to anything the reference behaviours are never called so the object never gets deleted. Is there something I can do to detect this or have I done something wrong?     So basically this leaks memory: sound.Play2D();   and this does not: SoundInstance@ si = sound.Play2D();
  3. Myran

    Reference type memory leak?

    Ah alright, I changed it to return a handle and I incremented the ref count, so now it works. Thank you.
  4. Myran

    Crash in AddRefScriptObject

    Aha, thank you. That makes a lot of sense.
  5. Myran

    Crash in AddRefScriptObject

    I want to be able to instantiate different classes based on a string, to do that I use this C++ function: void InstantiateClass(asIScriptGeneric *gen) { auto name = (std::string*)gen->GetArgObject(0); auto params = (SValue*)gen->GetArgAddress(1); auto mod = gen->GetEngine()->GetModule("Scripts"); auto type = mod->GetObjectTypeByName(name->c_str()); if (!type) { printf("%s '%s'\n", "Couldn't find class", name->c_str()); auto ret = CScriptHandle(); *(CScriptHandle*)gen->GetAddressOfReturnLocation() = ret; return; } auto tName = std::string(type->GetName()); auto factory = type->GetFactoryByDecl((tName + "@ " + tName + "(SValue& params)").c_str()); if (!factory) { printf("%s '%s' %s\n", "Couldn't find class", name->c_str(), "factory function"); auto ret = CScriptHandle(); *(CScriptHandle*)gen->GetAddressOfReturnLocation() = ret; return; } auto ctx = gen->GetEngine()->CreateContext(); ScriptEngine::PrepareContext(ctx, factory); int r = ctx->SetArgObject(0, params); assert(r >= 0); ScriptEngine::VerifyScriptExecution(ctx, ctx->Execute()); auto bObj = *((asIScriptObject**)ctx->GetAddressOfReturnValue()); ScriptEngine::UnprepareContext(ctx); auto ret = CScriptHandle(bObj, type); ctx->Release(); *(CScriptHandle*)gen->GetAddressOfReturnLocation() = ret; } This has worked well for me for a while now, but now I'm getting a crash when trying to use it on some really simple classes. It seems like when the CScriptHandle does engine->AddRefScriptObject it will crash if the class doesn't contain an object handle.   So doing it on this class works: class Explode : IAction { IAction@ dummy; Explode(SValue& params) { } bool DoAction(Actor@ owner, vec2 pos, vec2 dir) { return true; } void Update(int dt, int cooldown) { } } But if I remove IAction@ dummy, I get a crash in "void asCScriptEngine::CallObjectMethod(void *obj, asSSystemFunctionInterface *i, asCScriptFunction *s) const".
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