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  1. We've just launched a Steam Greenlight campaign, Please vote "Yes" for DeadRogue on Steam Greenlight
  2. Hi everyone! Our small team just launched Indie Go Go campaign for our game project, DEAD ROGUE. DEAD ROGUE is a Multiplayer Survival-Sandbox game in pixel art style.  You'll play as survivor try to survive in post-apocalyptic world that full of hungry zombies and dangerous monsters.     Keyfeatures : - Survival gameplay In DeadRogue, survivors need a food and water for survive, You must search for food and water, loot for useful items and find medicalsupplies for curing sickness.     - Character customization Customize your survivor, choose thier background, leveling and building up your skill that help you to survive, crafting your armors, tools and powerful weapons.   - Class & Skill DeadRogue has a plenty of skills, You can choose to play many ways to survive. Melee weapon skill, attack enemies with high damage blade weapon. Medic skill, gain more extra health from medical items. Miner skill, collect more material resouces from mining. Farmer skill, build your own organic farm to grow some giant vegetables. And lot of skills you can choose in DeadRogue.   - Crafting item Crafting cool stuffs to help you survive, combine your basic resources to create a new items, food, tools, armors, weapons or even buildings shelters.   - Randomly generated element Explore different environments as you play, adventuring through randomly generated world; such as randomly spawned items,  buildings, abandoned village and dangerous enemies.   - Boss fight Face the deadliest super zombies, a special type of enemies that are extremely strong, dangerous and  have some abilities that encourage players to fight as a team.   Follow us on : Indie Go Go Facebook Twitter Youtube   Let me know what you guys think, We will check and answer any questions you may have.
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