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  1. Bastokiamtheone

    small open-source RPG for demo in OCT' 2014

    We now have November builds at the Open-source Dev group @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/747442118670122/   Also a November and December to January Road Map.         
  2. wow so this is like STrider Rpg. is there anymore updates? Looks interesting
  3. Bastokiamtheone

    My game ideas

    Whoa what is your FPs on your videos. I like the idea but it is very choppy or it could be this laptop. Have you tried out OBS software for game rendering screen recording.    OBS open-source software will run on 64-bit Win X https://obsproject.com   Any more updates on the project?
  4. Bastokiamtheone

    Esenthel Game Engine - A Big Update now Available

    I see that this engine has other windows apart from the rendering. Can you render on another display and have the attached windows limit their sizes? Thank you i will look  at this engine.
  5.  New story. New battle system. what should have been. Easier for adults and teenagers to enjoy   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1482912225256300/   Any help would be appreciated, We currently have one indie license under RPG maker VX Ace.   However we will be developing in either Unity 4, or Unreal 4 game engine.    Please feel free to comment.   Be sure to check the website we are going into our development demo stage and Public demo very soon.   There is a Developers site and a Public site on Facebook for the demo release on 10-31-2014   For Dev's on a open source license and at least 40 members and still growing. https://www.facebook.com/groups/747442118670122/?fref=nf
  6. Bastokiamtheone

    I'm getting back into game development...

    Which LInux there is 60+ distros and uh Justin Bieber linux. I think installing Justin Bieber linux is like Puppy Lucid linux though. I could be wrong, though.
  7. Bastokiamtheone

    I need some guidance please

    What engine are you going to use. Is this 2d or 3d. I would look into what you can afford and then what your expectations are for your vision, or visions.   Next put together a team or keep looking for one. the more help you have the better the outcome of the vision in your head becomes reality. Try out your idea on Facebook.   Create a fansite of your idea and see if it takes off. Talk about your idea on Kickstarter and see if you get any bites from there. There are so many ways to start development but getting actually feedback is best to see if anybody will actually play the card game.
  8. Bastokiamtheone

    Help me build a PC

    Hmm sounds like a gaming Rig your trying to accomplish. Do you know what video memory you want and teh Cpu Benchmarks, that you want to see. How many clock counts do you need on your GPU processor. Truthfully you dont have to spend a lot of money just to test games and graphics.   your cpu specs seem very odd and so maybe you feel you need to update.   I would only spend the money for a Titan if i was really serious about Game development for Unity, or Crystal engine 4, Source engine. 
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