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  1. abrasounds

    Best free software for producing movie-like music?

    As said before, free and Realistic hardly go together.   One thing that might interest you is the new Composer Cloud by EastWest. It works as a subscription payment model: you pay $29,90/month and get access to lots of instruments by EastWest, and they do create some good stuff!    I never used it myself as I'm not too fond of paying monthly for something I'll use for years, decades, but it could be useful for you as a starting point. They have a 1-month free trial that allows you to use 4 instruments. Maybe you could start with this one and see how it works for you!    You can also pay attention to sites like VSTBuzz that shows off some instruments on discount.    It will be really hard to have a realistic sound without paying for it, so I'd recommend you do a very deep research and look for some options you can afford. 
  2. abrasounds

    Tips for rescoring

      Wow, that's quite interesting, I didn't know it. Thanks a lot for the info!    Is there any other games that works this way that you guys know of? Would be really something to look up to. 
  3. abrasounds

    Tips for rescoring

      Yeah, I think that's what I'll do if I decide to put the work online. Might avoid some legal troubles.     Geez! I'll keep that in mind then: avoid Disney. Thanks for the feedback!     Yeah sure, posting only the track is problem free, but I think that it kinda lose its purpose as I want to show the conversation between music and image.    And thanks a lot for the suggestion, gonna check the soundtrack from Ryse! Never played the game btw.
  4. abrasounds

    Tips for rescoring

      That's another question I would like to ask. What do I need to have in mind about legal process? If I want to show the work to people on the internet, can I upload the thing on youtube without problems if it's not monetized and if I give all the credits?     Also thanks for the Fantasia idea! They can be a good exercise.
  5. abrasounds

    Tips for rescoring

    Thanks a lot for the help, guys. I really appreciate every answer here! I think I'm gonna start with some cutscene, sounds like a good challenge and a reasonable start point too.       These statements are quite interesting, wow! Being a totally dumb guy when it comes psychology, it's to have people like both of you around. This stuff can be quite handy, thanks for sharing!        Interesting proposal, man! And the best part: it sounds like real fun!  Some guy once said to me that I should not try to rescore something that have a very memorable music, say like Super Mario World, at least not at the beginning, 'cause it will be harder for me to take that music of my mind in order to create something original. I might take that in consideration too.
  6. abrasounds

    Tips for rescoring

    Hi guys,   I recently noticed that it's a very common practice for game composers (and others too) to rescore something with the intention of training and also showing people what you're able to do, so I think that could be a great exercise for me.   Now, is that anything I should keep in mind for rescoring? Any tip about it it's really welcome. Like, what should I first rescore? A cutscene, an in-game level, maybe some part of a film...      Thanks in advance!   Cheers
  7. abrasounds

    How do you learn to compose different genres?

    Hi Jason!   While I don't know if mine is the best approach to learn a new genre or not, I'll say what I do.  First I think the most necessary is to listen to people who has been creating music on that genre for years, listening to experienced composers on that particular genre. So my first step is basically search for a bunch of music on the genre I want to learn and just listen to it for some time, let it play while I do other things, just to make my ear get used to something I don't usually listen to.  After I start to feel more familiarized with that kind of music, I then try and analyze it paying attention to the instrumentation, the chord progressions, the arrangement and even the mixing. At the point of analysis, I usually start reading a little about that genre too, searching over the internet for people who create that stuff and create it beautifully. I generally do this while trying to start playing something of the genre on some instrument I play. If you wish to go really deep on the style, you can even search for books about it, that might be a good help.    Then I start creating, trying first the basics and then going deeper.   That's basically all! Hopes it helps you a bit. What are your approaches to learn a new genre? I would love to hear them!   Cheers Gustavo
  8. abrasounds

    Website + Demo Reel feedback needed

      To be honest I think the voices are pretty good! The reactions and breathing are very fitting and the bad guy's voice is good too!
  9. abrasounds

    Website + Demo Reel feedback needed

      Oh, right, I understand the problem.   You did good coming here, there are indeed sound designers here that might be able to help you more than I 
  10. abrasounds

    Website + Demo Reel feedback needed

    Hello there, Thomas!   I like the demo reel. I think it has a good variety of sounds, covering some real good games. Though I'm not the expert on the Sound Design side as I'm still learning it, I'm more inclined to music composing.   The website looks fine too so far. The only thing I really don't like is that bar at the home page with the icons of the programs you know how to use. I think they are too large and big, it looks a little polluted to my taste. Maybe if you try resizing it and making it a little smaller, it might look better in my opinion. But again, it's only my opinion.   Good work with the website!     Regards, Gustavo
  11. abrasounds

    Help with first Demo Reel please

      Thanks Matt! Yeah, that's an idea too. Gonna think about it when I update it again.
  12. abrasounds

    "Breaking into" the industry - questions

    Hello there Vincent!    I wish I could give you some good advice, but since I'm just entering the industry and you are there for like ten years, I don't feel like I'm able to. Just like you, I'm trying to understand this complex monster that game music industry is. But I want to tell you two things.   1 - I know you didn't came here for compliments, but I just finished listening to all your demo reel and man, you have some really good stuff! I think people only told you about the orchestral stuff because the first minutes are all orchestral parts. Maybe you should rearrange your demo reel, as others said, making it smaller. Try to mix the orchestral pieces with other pieces to show some varieties, like don't put them all together at the beginning and then go to other style, mix them all instead. Try listening to some of the demo reels from people of this community to bring some ideas! Really, you have a great material and you shouldn't feel this down (though I know sometimes you just can't control it).   2 - I saw your youtube videos too and I see people loving them. Trust these people! I know sometimes we tend to only validate other composers' compliments, but music is for everyone. On a game, it will dialogue not only with music composers, but with every kind of player, and it goes all the way to the people behind the game. Many game devs don't have a great understanding about music, they just look for one that will do the work for their titles. Is mostly their ears working and evaluating, not their composition skills. Of course you should look for advice from some other music composers, but don't forget that everyone can consume your music, not only composers, and their opinion should count too!   I wish I could say more, but that's it for now.    All the best to you, Vincent!   Cheers
  13. abrasounds

    Help with first Demo Reel please

      Haha Yeah, you're right, I didn't think about it, but now that you mentioned it, sounds like a good idea! I think Nate is about to receive a PM.   
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