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  1. WE'RE CHANGING THE WAY YOU PLAY 2D ROLE PLAYING GAMES! Our game is called Azmara. It is an action/adventure role-playing game for Android + iOS smartphones and tablets [currently in development].   INNOVATIVE MULTI-LEVEL MAP LAYERING   We have discovered a very innovative map-layering system that has been catered to 2D RPGs and our development platform, Corona Labs. This new design will make our game VERY unique to the other mobile-rpgs. Azmara is inspired by the games we played countless hours of as we grew up (specifically Zelda). Classic action-rpgs like Zelda, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy and many more consumed most of our childhood and teen years. However newer software has allowed us to change the way we play these games.  It will allow greater world exploration and will certainly increase puzzle complexity. It is always a great feeling to find a weapon and make your way through a new part of the map with its unique abilities. The addition of the unique '3D' design will surely keep you guessing! Screen Capture using Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 Multi-levels brings greater depth to the game!     Hey Gamers, My name is Drew Mochrie and I am the founder of Rollplay Games Ltd. Over the past 4 months, Erik Zorn-Wallentin, Michael Hui, and myself have been developing Azmara for android devices. Why make a company out of it? We want to show everyone that we are determined to deliver more than just a game. It was quite the learning curve after we experienced the amount of funds needed for coffee...but I digress. Our goal is to develop and publish Azmara for android and ios devices [smartphones + tablets]. Our mission is to revolutionize 2D role playing games with our unique map-layering system and to become a frontrunner in the development of mobile role playing games. Before all of this began the first question to answer was what type of game to create. Being our first project we didn't want to bite off more than we could chew. However we already knew the type of game we were making, a role playing game. Erik and I have been friends since elementary school and have shared our thoughts on the different video games we played growing up. Both of us had come to the conclusion that the Zelda franchise was the most influential game as the years passed. We decided to drop all other plans and go right into development... but we needed a third man. After sharing the idea with a couple friends the idea spread to Michael Hui, a pixel art master. We knew we had found our third man after discussing our plans with Michael. Role playing games are large projects to tackle. However we are already taking RPGs to the next level. Like many other developers, games of our past have inspired us to develop our own game. Our intentions are to give you the same rush of excitement that Zelda games gave us. However we have come a long way since A Link to the Past and Minish Cap. We are using newer software and tools compatible for mobile devices. This will allow our game to be highly interactive and engaging. Mobile devices are the 'new-aged' GameBoy! It is amazing how far technology has come; Ten years ago I was having a hard enough time choosing one of the 10 ringtones that existed on my 'flip phone'! Very few mobile role-playing games are created native to android or iOS devices. A lot of mobile-rpgs that exist on the market today have to be played using an emulator. This sacrifices a more user-friendly interface and doesn't allow updates or changes. Moreover, the games today that are native to mobile device software require no effort to complete. This is where Azmara is different. We don't want to make a game where completing it is based off of health and power levels [Over 9000!]. Azmara will take ‘skill’ to complete; every element of this game will test your wits. A Personal Message from Azmar a.k.a Erik “We want you to find the unique traits of each weapon and defeat each boss based off strategy / specific boss mechanics. You can try to run up to a boss and spam a button but you will be punished for it. We want you to move around; Think a bit for every dungeon as the difficulty will quickly get harder and harder. It will feel very satisfying and evoke emotions to overcome the obstacles in Azmara, and I am very excited to also show off our VERY dynamic multi-level map system that will make solving puzzles and killing monsters very fun! I am proud to say how much we have accomplished with a small team in a few months. I would like to stress that most of the hardest parts are over, and adding anything new can simply take a few minutes. A few months ago everything took hours because we didn't have the core game done like we do now! What you see now after 4 months will be drastically different with few months extra. We are finally at the fun stages and will have way more to show for the full game.”  THE TEAM Drew Mochrie - Founder + Lead Designer Erik Zorn-Wallentin - Co-Founder + Lead Programmer + Designer   Michael Hui - Graphic Artist + Designer Team Member #4 (You?) - Graphic Artist[Pixel] *read below Over the past 4 months our main priority was developing the core mechanics of the game. Azmara's game mechanics will be similar to the ones used in action/adventure role-playing games during the 1990’s. Fights and battles will be based off strategy and not spamming the ‘A’ button. Strategies used to defeat certain monsters will become more difficult as the game progresses. In addition, our VERY dynamic multi-level map layering system will make puzzle solving more complex and world exploration more interactive and engaging! Weapon and Inventory System: This is especially difficult when we are catering to mobile devices. We were very careful with the layout of our interface; we had to make sure that the touch actions would not interfere with playing the game. The reason why some great PC games aren’t successful on the mobile market is because the user interface is too overpowering. We have implemented a very dynamic weapon combo system. In order to keep the screen from becoming over-filled with action buttons, we implemented a 'weapon cycle' system that allows a total of 4 weapons equipped with 2 active slots that are rotational. This allows for more engaging battles and more options for success when you are fighting a difficult monster. Touch Interface: Select weapon and select desired slot(1-4) [Layout still in development].   Map Interactiveness and Exploration: One of the best times in a role playing game is finding a unique weapon, spell, or item and discovering its special abilities to kill a monster that you could not kill before. In addition, there would be various places throughout the world/map where you could use the abilities to unlock new areas, find new monsters, and even more weapons and items. The possibilities are endless with with this new map system; map designs will be very dynamic and world exploration will be more interactive than ever.       Our goal for Kickstarter is to fund a 2nd graphic artist [Launches NOVEMBER!] We have been fortunate enough to make it this far into development; I[Drew] have had enough funds to keep food on the table for Erik and Michael for the past 4 months. The unfortunate reality is the initial funding we have has run out. We will use Kickstarter to hire a 2nd graphic artist and to fund the rest our project. Thanks to my family and friends' support and with a boost from Kickstarter, we'll be on our way to creating a masterpiece!. Our intentions are to reveal early 'beta' files to backers on Kickstarter. Backers will be able to test the game-in-development and share their thoughts on our forum discussion board. Backers can also pledge for a reward tier that will grant them various rewards ranging from beta-file updates to monster t-shirts (don't worry, they'll fit you!). Unique rewards will also be included which range from designing/creating a boss fight to becoming a character in the game! '2 Brains Are Better Than One' We are developing a ‘community-based game’. Our intentions are to release our early 'beta' files to as many interested gamers in order to receive as much feedback as possible. This will give the users who try out our beta files to directly influence the changes and improvements made to Azmara. We are currently in the process of making a private forum that will allow individuals to share their thoughts and discussions with us. We will be making this forum available to backers on Kickstarter [depending on the amount pledged]. Multiple beta[incomplete .apk] files will be included to show Kickstarter backers how we intend to implement the changes and improvements discussed. This is a game made to be played by the masses, so why shouldn't it be made by the masses?! Azmara can be played on smartphones and tabletsd CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE! (Forum coming soon!): www.rollplaygamesltd.com LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/rollplaygamesltd FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: www.twitter.com/rpglimited FIND US ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/rollplaygamesltd MORE UPDATES COMING SOON! CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO! CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER, TEST THE GAME ON YOUR NEW PHONE! General Inquiries: info@rollplaygamesltd.com Employment+ Investor Opportunities: drew@rollplaygamesltd.com
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZgsNIjINrsqF-5_8_oGJQ ^^ We have a few videos of early development files on our youtube channel. We plan on having more to show on Kickstarter and a lot more once backers receive new development files. Thanks! - Drew
  3. MochShot

    What Makes Old Games Addictive

    I hate to spam a game my friends and I are making but we are developing a zelda-inspired RPG native to Android and IOS devices -- it features something similar to what ElGeeko7 mentioned about '2.5D'. We are trying hard to 'revive' the good old SNES/Gameboy days... our phones are upgraded gameboys in a sense :P This is what I mean about the '2.5D' -- we feature a top down view [Free roam movement, camera focused on the player throughout the entire map, instant multi-level loading] -- we have a test file that includes a full dungeon with an intense boss fight that I still enjoy playing after the 100th+ of testing :) (srry images are big!)     We really have added a whole new meaning of depth to the game -- puzzles will be more complex and world exploration will be incredibly interactive.  
  4. My friends and I have been working on a rpg native to android + ios devices for the past 5 months. We have been working very hard to create a game that gives the same level of excitement as the zelda games we played growing up (for N64 and Gameboy). We have found a very cool design which allows our walls and layers to have a 3D effect -- it will surely make things more interesting for puzzles and world exploration. I can't wait until its download-ready off the appstore/playstore. We are thrilled at the amount we have accomplished. We actually have a test file that includes a central village and a complete dungeon which takes about 25-30 mins to complete! Our goal is to have a game which includes 5 dungeon in total -- while unraveling an epic storyline  The game will include over 10 hours of gameplay. We will be launching a Kickstarter project on November 1st to aid in the game's completion. If you would like to see more, check us out on facebook, twitter, or see our website!
  5. Thanks for the input! I'll talk to the rest of the team and discuss our options.
  6. I am considering removing the number / % displayed on the HP bar entirely --- I wouldn't want to copy Zelda however I do like their heart HP system -- I could always replace the hearts with azurite crystals (main element of our game) and tweek the amount of 'heart' taken each hit. Any thoughts on this? FYI -- we are actually going to promote the game on Kickstarter starting November 1st! Keep your eyes and ears open if you're interested! - Drew
  7. Thanks for the reponses -- I prefer the numbered health myself (45/100) compared to the percentages -- the picture displayed with the HP bar + % is what we had implemented to begin with -- we can change it over to a number value at any time. Thought id get some feedback from you guys. The way the game is played it makes more sense to go with numbered health based off the type of combat. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Hey there, Just wondered what everyone's preference would be for a health bar. I am making a RPG game for android and apple phones and Im trying to get as much feedback as possible.... even on the tiny things like this! See images below! We need all the feedback we can get. RPGs are one of the hardest games to get right, but we want to revive the good old gameboy days! http://epocu.com/campaigns/azmara/ http://www.facebook.com/rollplaygamesltd   [attachment=24255:rpglogotransparent.png]
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