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  1. Evader is looking for testers

    Thanks all, we've gathered quite a decent number of testers. For that reason we'll be closing subscriptions in 24 hours from now. Testing itself will continue for a little longer though, so if you've already signed up, do continue
  2. Hey all, we've been extremely busy with our mobile game Evader. We've currently got it in a stage where we would like to gather some testers to get some feedback. The game: Evader is a a dodge game where you score by dodging asteroids, pickup powerups and maximise usage of your bomb multiplier. The game features tweeting your score for competetive gameplay and many pop-culture / sci-fi references (unlockable by score or games played). [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:884]     Interested? Sign up here: Important, the game is Android only at the moment, an iOS version might follow depending on the feedback and success. Cheers and thanks for your time. The Thumbcrusher Team.
  3. Evader

    Evader mobile game