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  1. sarthakz99

    want to create more complex objects in unity.

    Thank u !! frob & diego.....
  2. I have use almost all the built in objects(3d) of unity ... & now, I want to create more complex and realistic object of my own... Like.. Cars , guns ,jets :) etc So how could I do that.. Do I have to use any third party software... Or is there a built in application in unity ??
  3. sarthakz99

    Monodevelop not running (unity)

    I have checked. The monodevelop version is compatible for xp sp3... Yet, it is not working
  4. Recently, I downloaded unity (latest version). I'm using windows xp professionals. Everything was ok, but when I try to open script in monodevelop for editing..it shows a message (error :opening monodevelop) please give me a solution for that ? thank u...
  5. sarthakz99

    input in realtime.

    I was going to provide more info about that once he specified what type of program he is writing: its a GUI program..
  6. sarthakz99

    input in realtime.

    thank you.. diego for correcting me... and thank u .. simon.. your link helped a lot
  7. sarthakz99

    input in realtime.

    i'm creating a game in c++ . i need to take input from user....while the display function still continue its work... but actually in my program... compiler is waiting for user input in every frame. i'm using win xp sp 3.
  8. sarthakz99

    input in realtime.

    help me guys... what is the easiest way to take input from keyboard, in realtime , in c++ ??
  9. sarthakz99

    The basic structure of game programming

    thanks lysy, your links were helpful.. :)
  10. sarthakz99

    The basic structure of game programming

    thanks lysy, your links were helpful.. :)
  11. the most basic question..... ahh,... what's the basic things of game prog. process?? what i learned, from diffrent blogs & forums was... a loop that runs again and again... { a function that updates visual. a function that updates variable. and a function that determine... how long the loop continues... } so, am i right. or is there a more basic outlay for prog. ??
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