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  1. Delphi Programming: Dead or Alive? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The answer is simple. It is alive!   OK fine. I will admit. Delphi has been given some bad feedback and its expensive and stuff, but to be honest. The language itself and IDE's is absolutely amazing.   The newest Delphi versions can easily create applications for Windows, iOS, OS X, Android and soon Linux will also be included. Perhaps in XE8. Delphi can even create websites using the IntraWeb Components. Delphi can also create console applications.   Windows 10 will be launching next year. That means that Delphi Developers can now easily create apps for any Windows Device. That includes the XBOX ONE. WOW!!!!!!. Now I can create XBOX games using my favorite language.   Lets go to the tiobe index. Delphi was rank 20 in February this year, since then it has been growing and it is not stopping. Delphi currently stands at rank 12 and its been top 20 for the past few years. I think Delphi will Probably be top 10 within the next few months.  
  2. Creating a Game in Delphi would be extremely difficult, but its not impossible :). 1) OpenGL is the engine I usually use. 2) C++ can mix with Delphi and C++ is popular with games. So I would recommend mixing c++. 3) The amount of time depends on how hard you guys work and how much effort you put into it, but this will definitely take a lot of years. 4) VCL or Firemonkey? Lol. I don't know. Firemonkey has a few nice 3D stuff, but I'm not familiar with it. So I can't really say. Nor can I say for VCL. But if I must say, then I would say VCL.
  3. The Question here is, would you create a game with Delphi? There are some great games written in the Delphi Programming Language. Just look at Age of Wonders. If you have a lot of time and you are greatly skilled in Delphi. Do you think it is worth creating games with Delphi? I think it is totally worth it. Delphi can create the same games as C++, C#, etc. It might be a lot harder and take a lot of more time, but anything is possible and it is possible to create a popular game with Delphi. Would you do it if you have the time and skills?
  4. ShaunRoselt

    Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    The question is: What is your skills? Which programming languages do you know?   The most popular games are written in C++ lately, but C++ is a difficult language to learn and it would like a while before you can start making serious games using it.   I can't really recommend any good Game engines, because you didn't specify the language or platform, but I can recommend some of my favorites.   I would prefer using the Delphi Programming Language. It can easily create apps for Windows, iOS, OS X, Android and soon Linux as well. (Blackberries running Android and XBOX ONE running Windows). Delphi can also easily create 3D games using the FireMonkey Applications introduced in Delphi XE2 if I am correct. There is one problem with it. It is't free. So if you are willing to pay for it, then I recommend it 100%.   Here is a few Game engines in Delphi: CAST II XNA OpenGL Andorra 2D
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  6. ShaunRoselt

    Questions from a newcomer

    I would say forget about GTA for now and focus on improving your skills first. Start making small games. You will also need a great language. I recommend using the Delphi Programming Language, because you can create games for windows, ios, osx, android, linux, xbox, etc with the same codebase.
  7. ShaunRoselt

    What's with the Dev-C++ hate?

    Well, the other people basically covered everything already, but what I would like to say is that it just can't compete with the newest IDE's. It doesn't stand a chance. I mainly use C++ Builder XE6 for C++ programming and Delphi XE6 for Delphi Programming. I'm probably never going to use those old compilers and IDE's again.
  8. ShaunRoselt

    Fullscreen trouble

    The problem is simple. You are using the wrong OS. Linux is just awful in my eyes. I don't like it. I recommend using Windows instead. I am 100% happy with Windows for two reasons: 1. It is the best OS ever made and will always stay the best. 2. It supports the Delphi Programming Language and IDE.
  9. ShaunRoselt

    Win32 Window Creation

    To be honest. I don't know, but what I do recommend is rather choosing a different way of doing this. I recommend trying out and consider using the Delphi Programming Languages which is the best language to create Windows applications out there.
  10. ShaunRoselt

    Starting Game Development Questions

    2D or 3D? I would definitely say 2D first and then go for 3D. Which programming language? I wouldn't recommend Java or C++. To be honest. I'm a huge Delphi Programming fan and therefore I would say go for Delphi. Delphi can easily create apps and games for windows, ios, osx, android, xbox, linux and more. Game engines. I'm not familiar with it, but I think OpenGL and engines similar to that is famous with the Delphi language. General steps? I would say just sit and work a few weeks or months on the game design and gameplay and everything about the game. Don't rush into coding. Take it easy and work it out before coding.
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  12. #youtube Migrating Your Applications to the Latest Delphi http://t.co/PN1HcDDYZN
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