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  1. Another two covers.   Shatterhand - Area B: Refinery   Darkwing Duck - Quackerjack's Bridge
  2. Hi I'm new around here for last few months I was working hard trying to learn music composition from scratch I recently published my first album but before that I made quite a bit of video game music remakes (love doing that) tell me what you think about them. I plan to upload one weekly.   Yie Ar Kung Fu - Main Theme   Pokemon Red & Blue - Gym Leader Battle Theme   Castlevania II - Simon's Quest - Bloody Tears
  3. Battletoads - Surf City (Classical cover)
  4. This link and research I did after checking it out probably will make my music composition much easier. I found a lot of useful info. Thanks a lot.
  5. That's actually really interesting can you check and link source if possible?   I try to make classical instruments to sound little more retro (Do you find those strings annoying? I'm interested in your opinion) Here is my original piece made with same strings.   Thanks for whole post any tips are always very welcome. I experiment with everything whole time.   That's very true. Good thing is that part of the work is already done in old tunes.   Thanks! I appreciate any new sites where I can share my music. I'm sending my music to ocremix already. Their review process is quite long though (1 or more months)   Another week time for another track. This time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III:Manhattan Project - Let's Go
  6. Luxliev

    Game Engines & Languages

    Oh? I didn't know about this. I'll check it out as well as tutorials. Thanks for links.
  7. Hi I plan to go back to programming as my musical career isn't going too well. I plan to do my first game (so far I learned basics of C and I can make game like Zork) I plan to learn some free graphic engine and was thinking about sdlib (I found really good tutorials for it). Is it good for beginners or should check something else first.
  8.   And that's the best way to do this. It's impossible to progress if there is no suggestion or creative critique.   Woah! Thanks a lot any orchestral tutorials or books are precious to me.     Thanks for tips. As I said at the start of topic (at least I hope I did) I'm new to everything and unfortunately because I don't have money I have to do all mixing and mastering myself which is really difficult with crappy monitor speakers and headphones   I use panning quite a bit(in most cases I use model showed on the picture below)     I also wanted to make some covers of Nobuo Uematsu work but to be honest they are just perfect. I have really hard time when I work with them. But sooner or later or perhaps if I'll have more virtual instruments I'll try to do something with them. Maybe I should be little more strict with my pans. Thanks for reply!   Week passed and as I said before here is another cover. This time Heroes of Might and Magic II. Enjoy     This one might sound little too similiar to original but I like it anyway. I love HoM&M ost. Next week I'll upload something that in original track didn't have any classical instruments at all.   Cheers.
  9. Quite harsh but thank you for it. I started little less than year ago my journey with music and every constructive critique is really important to me. If you have time check Yie Ar Kung Fu you should like it a lot more (tempo is almost same like in original track and I really like how piano turned out there). I understand that checking other covers is important but I don't want them to influence my work too much (which is unavoidable I think especially since I'm new to music).   Yes I know exactly what you are talking about. Playing with tunes you love is great joy and fun to do. I also thought that classical musical instruments are perfect for that. I heard way too much disco, rock covers.
  10. Luxliev

    Game Engines & Languages

    I'm one man studio so I think that unity is too much for me (for now at least) I want my first or second game to be 2d (I think that engine is much simpler this way and work process is faster with no 3d models and textures, correct me if I'm wrong)
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