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  1. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions guys   That article was exactly what I was looking for Valrus, you are the man.                               That subversion game sounds awesome, what a shame. Perhaps the generated city is tougher than i imagined but 95% sounds pretty good to me. This  becomes especially true when you use tactics like what he spoke about regarding the banks. (generating a bunch of banks and then using a finite but large number of them that were deemed "acceptable" to more or less achieve the desired "randomness"). Could such a method not be used in basically every facet of the city generation, until it produces an acceptable map? Is that just too much work? or is it unworkable for some other reason that's beyond me? It seems like they touched on a lot of my points, like the user control of the environment. I hope someone pulls something like this off.   This project is obviously way way beyond my skill level. (haha even that's an understatement) but I really wanted to know what you big shots thought about my baby-brained idea.   I will post more stupid crackpot BS ideas like this if anyone has interest.   I got a shitload more specific ideas about this game but I think those would be regarded as a waste of time. If anyone wants to hear them feel free to pm me.   -Steady out
  2. Yeah user customization or something equivalent provided by the design team before release would be necessary to optimize the maps. Also think gta3 not gta5 with an emphasis on things like vigilantly missions paramedic missions. I'm not super concerned with story missions even though I feel they could be incorporated with the risk of some missions becoming un-playable due to some particularities of the given map. There would have to be work arounds incorporated into core features of the game. By this I mean mechanisms similar to the ropes and bombs in spelunky. In spelunky some levels are unbeatable without a couple bombs or ropes. I haven't completely figured these workarounds out, outside of the fact that players could have some degree of control over the terrain and the buildings/roads/buildings generated by the game.   so in short you are agreeing that it all sounds feasible?   thanks for the direction btw frob   Thanks a lot for the time
  3. Thank you for indulging me gentlemen   I have searched Steam extensively but it's not to say that there isn't something I missed, I'll keep looking   I have seen many games use procedurally generated open world environments like minecraft, but none that are action/skill-emphasized and set in a contemporary realistic-ish environment.   I understand why you might think procedural generation would be ill-suited for generating complex balanced and detailed maps similar to those you find in gta games. But, my idea is that user generated/customized maps could be uploaded, downloaded, and shared between players allowing countless unique and potentially (albeit not necessarily) brilliant maps (like you see with minecraft).   Does anybody think this would be a good/viable idea as I do? Am I crazy to think this would be awesome? Or am I missing something obvious that breaks the whole game?   Of course any number of pre-made maps could be released with the game. This is just a matter of level design which would obviously be a lot of work.   Procedural Generation would be the only thing making this project achievable for a small team. So I agree with your point about enabling small developers, that's what I was banking on.   I understand the fear of trying to do too much at once, but the "SimCity" part of it is not the emphasis, it's the gta-type game play. I think the scope is small enough to be doable, like you say, just difficult.   Have you ever played Sim Chopper? It's an awesome shitty rotary aviation game that is capable of importing Sim City 2000 maps and converting them into 3-D playable areas. I always thought it was a fascinating concept. As I wrote this I realized I may be channeling that game somewhat but as interesting as it is it doesn't come close to providing the game play experience I had in mind.   Thanks again yo
  4. Thanks, I suppose you're right. Unfortunately in my case I'm gonna have to learn a ton before I could seriously begin developing something so big (even in it's most simplified iteration).   This idea has seemed like a no-brainer to me for a while. I'm surprised it hasn't been made already. Is there a good reason why it hasn't?   Looks like it's time for me to start climbing this mountian   In the meantime anyone has my express consent to steal steal steal.   not as if that really means anything.   I'd still love to hear about anything comparable if it's out there.   thanks guys
  5. Fair enough, thanks for providing context. you guys tell me if this is a clone and forgive me for my lack of programing knoledge: The Idea could be summerized as "procedurally generated GTA"  You could achive the city generation with mechanisims similar to those found in games like sim city.  Then you populate the maps with methods simlar to GTA3 This may result in "bad" or "stupid" maps. So you also want to incorporate a mechanism that allows players to modify cities and terrian. All these things combined would allow players to personally create and custumize game maps using a set of prefabricated and/or custom desiged buildings, ramps, terrian objects, cars, or whatever else makes sense to incorporate into the game The scope of the project could range very widely depending on how sophisticated each of the mechanisims would be implemented. I understand it's a really big project but I'm learning programing with this, among other ideals in mind. Am I right to belive something like this is feasible? Has anyone seen anything like it?
  6. For sure, if could have found it on google I wouldn't have come here. Ok so I guess It's reasonable to start such a thread? Or do you guys just want me to get to it already?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I'd be happy to. Honestly I was just conerned I might piss someone off by posting in the wrong place or something. Is this an acceptable place?
  8. I have many game ideas that I would like to work towards.   Before I commit serious time and effort towards one of these projects I am very curious to know whether or not a comporable game has already been made.   I have searched the internet extensively for such games and I'm becoming more confident in the belief that these ideas of mine may be genuinely original and maybe even good.   My Question: Are there any threads on this website or elsewhere where someone can point me towards pre-exsisting games that resemble my ideas? in other words: Is there anywhere where I can ask the question "Has this game, or something similar, already been made?"
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