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  1. So, let's take a look at this example. Clearly not a good game from a subjective point of view, and the overall review is at 3 stars. Their fb page has 5 likes, and this is their website.    Obviously this isn't going to be a big hit or anything, yet it has 50k+ downloads on Google Play Store, and it is ranked 39 on the new released chart, which is much more than what I can say about my first game.   What in the world are they doing that I, and I assume many newbie developers, are not doing?
  2. DigitalFelicityGenerator

    Affordable mobile game (iOS/Android) marketing strategy/company

    I started Apployer last night, and result has been pretty decent. While only like 10 of downloaders actually tried the game, I guess you really can't beat the price. It does seem like they lack user-base though - downloads drastically slowed down after 150-ish download. As for Gifitz, CPI of $0.70 seems a bit steep...   With that said, if anyone else knows any affordable marketing strategy, especially affordable CPI burst to just put my game on this *&$&^#AHHHHHHH(*&#(*@&$#$^$& list for even for just a day or two, I am still open to any suggestion TT__TT
  3. DigitalFelicityGenerator

    [iOS/Android] Poppin' Teddy (FREE)

      Thank you kind sir TT___TT
  4. DigitalFelicityGenerator

    Affordable mobile game (iOS/Android) marketing strategy/company

      Thank you for your honest opinion. My attitude with my game is that, if it does make some money, that's great, and if not, I will put it on my resume.  With that said, I do want people I don't know to download it, but there is NO WAY for people to discover my app, unless they type "Poppin' Teddy" on App Store/Google Play.  It's not even on the new releases list. My guess is that this is because I don't have many downloads, and at the time of writing this, I have bit over 100 downloads (iOS/Android combined), and that's pretty all the friends I have... lol.   Given that I am willing to spend some money on getting the word out and having people give it a try, there must be something I can do?
  5. Hello,   After spending months learning how to program, I released my first game. Fantastic right? What I didn't anticipate was how difficult it is to get my game noticed in an ultra competitive marketplace.  I really should've thought this through better - it's been almost 48 hours since release, and I have about... 30~40 downloads total, most, if not all, of them being my friends.   So, I started emailing review sites to review my game, telling my friends to share my fb post about the game, and posting my game on game forums like (if you don't mind the shameless advertisement...) this one: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/662411-iosandroid-poppin-teddy-free/   This was when I received an email from GreatApps.com about marketing services they offer. I started searching for app marketing services on google, and there sure were a lot of them.  The problem is, the ones that look very professional seem a bit out of my price range, and the ones that seem affordable appear a bit... shady, and I can't really determine which sites/companies are legit and effective and which ones are not.   I am not rich or anything, but I can afford and willing to spend about 200~300 bucks if that means that my game will get some real players that aren't my friends. Can I get some suggestions from experienced mobile game developers on how to spend this in the most effective way possible?   Thank you!
  6. DigitalFelicityGenerator

    [iOS/Android] Poppin' Teddy (FREE)

      iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id926406123 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalfelicitygenerator.poppinteddy Hello everyone! After a long awaited anticipation (mainly, some would argue solely, by me), my first game is finally out! I’ve posted the game description as well as gameplay video and screenshots. Any feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy! Game Description: Teddy is stuck in his evil owner’s desk and having a bit of a… bubble trouble. Help teddy survive by poppin’ bouncy balls of death! Classic gameplay with controls that makes sense for mobile platforms. Four unique and challenging modes. Global leaderboard (Google Play Gameservice for Android/Game Center for iOS). Record your gameplay and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Everyplay! Adorable Teddy! [media]https:[/media]
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