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    Founding a game studio

    I'm on a cloud just like you.. I too want to develop a game (others should make the game, I'm just the investor) and by developing I also mean that I'm going to be the legally owner of the game without any partners and whatever and I want to be the publisher as well. I'm still in the finding out about a lot of things stage and I can tell that you're not even at that stage.. and the stage where I'm at is just tying the shoes part before walking a marathon.     Before even writing this post you should had already Googled this!   I'm making music, so I can tell you everything it takes to make an album.. from songwriting to producing to recording to mastering to publishing. I know it all! When it comes to games, after reading a lot I now fully understand who should be doing what (when it comes to developing my game)   2. What are the roles in a game studio and how much everyone should be paid?   I Googled "what it takes to make a game wiki" and this is what I've found: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_development   Everything needs to be covered, how many people you want for the job depends on how big the job is and what type of money and time you have. Google has been online like uhm, so you could have easily wrote "hiring game developers" and a lot of results show.   What people should be paid depends of course on what you expect them to do, on https://www.elance.com/ you can look for all type of freelancers / employees. Look for example for a 3D artist, then you could compare prices and then go by a price you think is reasonable.     1. How much does it cost, first to found, then to run a game studio (yearly)?   What I'm doing is asking on all type of forums how long it would take to develop certain aspects of my game, by doing that I can place hours on my project.. those hours you multiply by what people asking per hour so you'll have an idea what everything costs.   Like I said, I'm on a cloud thinking wild.. but for real when I'm ready I'll fly to Japan to visit certain developing companies to pitch my idea. The reason is that the game I would like to make looks like (but the gameplay is very different) DBZ and Naruto (cell shaded fight games) and those developers are located in Japan.    But that is just me, on elance you could contact companies as well. So write exactly what people need to do to develop this game, find someone who build levels and give him / her an example of a map that comes close to your idea and ask him how long it would take to make that map.  If it takes him 2 months, and you want the game done in a year and you had 6 maps in mind. You can choose to let him work for you a full year or you look 5 more people who work in a time frame of 2 months.. connect them as a squad and there is the map building part of your company.   The best thing is to hire freelancers and Google for yourself why I suggest freelancers and not employees "freelancers vs employees"     Now to jump on other quotes replies:   You aren't ready to start a studio until you've worked in games yourself.   Yeah yeah yeah, but no.. study and look a lot of things up and talk to different people. Once you understand the basics you still need guidance, this guidance could be a project manager.. like if you wanted to start a record label you could ask my all questions you want to ask. I'm your project manager and I'll answer everything and when it's possible I'll give you the source (like I did already) for you to study yourself. Because even tho I know it all, you never know if I have alternative motives.. so find someone you can trust but you can't trust nobody!     Talking about money, I have some money, but not sufficient even to think to put someone to the development for a few months,   Get money first! I already explained you how you could calculate what you need.. don't have just some money laying around and you already paying your developers and half way through you find out you need more money but you don't have more money so now you can't pay your developers so you wasted your money on a project you can't finish.     The risk inherent in Kickstarter is not that you won't get the funding, it's that you'll get the funding and then be unable to deliver.   This is not a risk at all, I mean what risk.. if you can't deliver nobody is going to sue you or anything. If you can't deliver it's more a risk for the founders, but even they know that they are not partners and just fund money because they believe in you. The risk however is to start a campaign and meet people who will derail you, like "hey buddy, I really like your idea.. tell me more because I'm a private founder" and things could go from them stealing your idea to you ending up signing a contract giving a way some rights. Like I said, you can't trust nobody.       Stay home, everything could be done from a laptop.. if you hire a single company to develop your games then of course fly over but just stay home comfortably and Skype and facetime and whatsapp and whatever to communicate.       Yes and no, I can tell in your case that it is suicide.. you need to study a lot about this! Just like I am, once I'm taking that flight to Japan could nobody talk me into some bull because I'm going prepared knowing what is what. A developer makes the game, a publisher brings the game out. Even tho I want to publish it myself, a publisher of course is already well connected so maybe if you're going to ask for add time they will charge you more than they would charge the publisher.. but.. in a lot of cases the publisher wants to be part of your project and at what moment you think them asking to be 49% owner of your company (just a made up number) will outweigh the costs and times you had without them.     I wish you luck on your journey, Google as much as possible and ask everything to different people and just not read but learn!    
  2. Is it going to be a free game?! To me it looks like a fun game and I'm sure seeing myself and my little brothers playing this!   Keep posting about this game! 
  3. TruStory187

    creating a "Worms" like world

      LOL! How does my reply get negative votes! Ya'll must be trippin' or something!   The guy wants to work on a "Worms" like word, I gave hem the contact details of the people who are responsible for making Worms.. how better could it be?   I did the same too, with other developers.. I sent them a e-mail and unfortunately I'm still waiting for a reply but at leas Team 17 has a phone number.   Anyway Batman, contact them.. maybe there is someone who is willing to school you a little bit about everything you need to know.   -6??? Next time someone wants to know how to make Big Macs I'll send him to Burger King instead of MacDonalds.. ya'll trippin'! 
  4. TruStory187

    Need help making a decision on game art

      Good luck!
  5. TruStory187

    How to Pitch Angry Birds, If It Were an Unknown Indie Game

    I can't stand topics like this..   A lot of times on forums I read about people who want to make the next Angry Birds or Flappy Birds or whatever, threads like these keep giving these endless dreamers endless false hope.    What has written in this thread happens a million time on a daily base, yet the top 20 mobile games only allows a new entry every blue moon..     This basically is the true, the best way to win is to look for a type of game play (GAME) that isn't that popular yet, create catchy graphics and even THEN you'll have to find ways to get noticed. These ways are heavy marketing and know how and where to market.   And even THEN, sometimes the law of "It isn't what you know but who you know" is in order.   I myself have an idea for a game, one could say it's a combination of Puzzle & Dragons (BECAUSE AFTER READING ABOUT THIS GAME THAT MADE ME WANT TO DABBLE IN THE MOBILE GAMES TO BE TRUE), Wordmole, Pokemon with graphics of Naruto. You see what I did right there! That is 4 games!   However, this game isn't going to be "I build it in a weekend" type of game, I actually been spending WEEKS studying every aspect of mobile games from developing to marketing to everything.   How do I see my game being the next Angry Birds, I'm going to do everything that already has been done BUT THEN OVER THE TOP AND BETTER so the QUALITY of the game will speak for itself.   Even THEN maybe I only get like 2878 downloads..
  6. TruStory187

    creating a "Worms" like world

    http://www.team17.com/contact-us   Contact them, I did the same when I was looking for inf. about cell shaded game and found a list of cell-shaded games with their developers and I've sent them all an e-mail..   Yeah that was like 4 days ago and I'm still waiting for a response, but at least Team 17 has a phone number.   Good luck!
  7. TruStory187

    For those who know about designing game characters.

    I really like to thank all of you for taking your time to explain this to me!       That is exactly what I would like to hear..     So basically, the way you could choose a color on the right side of this picture could be done per feature I want the color to be changed..        Nah, I won't go to the extreme to make different body types for the main character.. but I do understand that each type of hairstyle needs his own mesh.       Yes, that is what I learned today.. got me thinking that a mesh should be made for every color! LOL!        This right here is what's going to keep me busy today, I didn't even know there were sites like this.. however the way I looked at it is that when hiring people who already created fighting characters that I could basically adjust / tailor their meshes as well to save time. Little did I know it's available on the internet as well.
  8. Hi there,   I have an idea for a game (iOS and Android) and I'm planning to hire a company to develop my game. But before contacting companies I would like to learn a little bit about designing game characters.   The game is like Puzzle & Dragons, only in Puzzle & Dragons there is a lack of action and that is where I want to make a difference!   Instead of characters getting attacked by nothing, I want to display action and attacks. I want to add stand out graphics!   It should have shell-shading graphics, an example would be Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm.   As I have many ideas for this game, I first would like to know what are the possibilities and limitations of designing the characters for this game.   Therefore I would like to have a conversation with someone who has designed game characters before or someone who knows exactly what he / she is talking about.   Just to let you know, I did read a little bit about creating game characters but I started just a week ago.. I also had some conversations with members of this forum but without bothering them with my ongoing list of questions I decided to start a new thread.      I would like to implement character creation in the game, the features of the characters that could be customized are:   - color of the eyes (black / brown / blue / green) - color of the hair (black / brown / blond / red) - type of haircut (bald / short / long) - skin tone (white / black)   * These are just features to begin with, depending on the outcome of the conversations here I know for myself what features I could implement more..     I know that the creation of a character is called a mesh, and to customize meshes one could apply mesh swapping or mesh stitching. If I'm correct, for the above mentioned features mesh stitching should be applied.. therefore the designer should create:   - 4 meshes of the eyes (black / brown / blue / green) - 8 meshes of the hair (4 meshes of the 4 colors with short hair + 4 meshes of the 4 colors with long hair) - 2 meshes of the body (white / black) - the body will have a karate suit     With this being said, I would like to know how long it will take to create:   1. a mesh of a pair eyes 2. a mesh of a haircut  3. a mesh of a body   * Is everything I wrote above correct, or doesn't it work like that? ** And who does the cell shading part, the designer of the mesh or the 3D animator?
  9. Characters without animations could be estimated,a single 3d character made by a freelance will cost roughly $4000 - $6000, roughly 20 business days (infos) . Animations (attacks, jump etc) depends a lot the dynamic and game mechnism, input controller, used engine technology etc . A cool looking animationset which is controlable by the player could occupy an animator/coder fulltime for the main-character. This would be roughly $150.000 to 500.000 for a AAA title with 1 to 4 years development time.   I wrote this thread basically after really really being sure about wanting to develop this game but still now knowing what comes with it, I thought I just look for a couple of freelancers and let's go. Since opening this thread I talked to a couple of forum members and GMAO (Googled my ass off) to find more inf. about this subject. At this moment I finished writing a new thread because I've learned a couple of things but still not enough.. what I can tell you is that I'm not just going to hire freelancers. This game I have in mind should be developed by a company / experienced development who got everything in house.    Typically you need 3 roles to create a level. The game designer, who defines the game mechanism, the overall game goal etc. The level designer, who creates the level flow and artists who creates the environment art/enemy art etc. Roughly 4 people (counting two artists, because the artists workload is often higher, not counting testers), which would be (as employee, ~70k income per year, real costs will be higher) roughly ~20.000 per month. Now it depends on the level complexitity how fast this team can produce levels (1 or 2 per month? just arenas ? you need some iterations and a lot of prototyping to create a working level ).   At this moment I should focus on learning more about creating characters, once I'm done with that I can ask about other things that come with the development of this game.       There are some cheap solutions using simple camera, blender and a nerd to plug this together. This should not a budget-showstopper. Hiring an actor to do your motion captures could be a lot cheaper than letting your animator do it all manually, especially if it should look cool.   I've read a lot of postmortems over the years and the overall budget could be subdivided into this (really rough markers): 10.000 => buy some stocks from game development studios or invest in crowdfunding, but this budget is by far too low to create a game if you are not contributing some major skills yourself (coder/artist not game idea guy or game designer) 100.000 => well, this is okay for a smartphone/tablet game 1.000.000 => a small indie game for the PC done by a small team/studio 10.000.000 => a larger indie game, you can start to look for a console support 100.000.000 => yeahh... here starts the real AAA titles, congratulation => comes next      When he was talking about motion sensors all I was thinking about these block buster movies and their BEHIND THE SCENES footage's, so happen this morning I took some time to learn more about this subject and it's still a lot of money but we're able to do it. I also spent an entire night to contact developers who already made fighting games.. now I'm just trying to learn enough to pitch my game to these people. I'm also going to place job offers all over the internet and one requirement should be that they have a motion sensor team in house or at least have experience with working with an other team cos if I hire all kind of different freelancers to do different things that would only hurt the development of the game.      Thank you for explanation in detail..
  10.   It is actually the other way around. It is 3D, but it looks 2D because it is designed very well. Then there are some quick interstitials with actual 2D drawings to make the illusion complete.   This technique has been used for a long time to produce action scenes in animated TV shows like Naruto, but recently devices are powerful enough to do it really well in realtime. (Zelda wind waker is half way there, but doesn't look as good as an animated TV show. Also the Naruto game has some ways to go, but it is indeed looking really good)     Well I'm getting schooled again, it is 3D.. ooh well. Thanks for correcting me.
  11. @ On Rey..   Sorry, ahaha.. I should have said that I'm the one with the idea and the investor but I won't design nor program because this isn't my field.   And yes, even though I wrote I'm the developer.. before starting this thread I Googled a little bit what it takes to make a game and who should / is doing what:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_development   So at this moment I'm trying to get my knowledge on, first topic I need to cover is that of a game artist because even though I believe in my idea and all that, I'm more about the visuals that should really have people be like WOW!
  12.   Not to sound cocky but the money is there, I'm not going to make a copy paste game like everybody does with Flappy Bird.. not at all.    Therefore now I'm doing my homework, I need to understand what a designer has to do to develop my game.. if I know that I could have a better conversation with the designer and I could hit him with questions that are being answered here. If I didn't open this thread I would be clueless and just take every designer for his / her word.   Now I understand for example what type of programs designers work with and how they design, so if I ask a designer how he / she designs he / she better answer me along the way with the things you people are sharing with me.
  13. Back when animation started every animation frame would be drawn by hand, in modern times it rarely is done this way.   I will explain a rough idea of how animation works, and I will only be explaining pose to pose animation. First the starting Key frame is recorded or drawn this is known as the relax pose. Next the the hand is moved back for the punch, this is the anticipation key frame. Then there is the point of contact, this is where the punch is at it's extreme. Followed by Recovery where it ends back at relax.   ON a time line it would look like this(Don't test this one, it probably wouldn't work): Relax 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 ,6, Anticipation ,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 ,12 ,13 , contact,15 ,16 , Recovery,18 ,19 ,20 ,21 ,22 ,23, Relax   The numbers are in-between frames and is generated by the computer, the words are known as poses; this gives the animation type it's name, as you can see it moves from pose to pose. Now it may look simple but there is a lot of curve and time tweaking done, if it is in 3D each key frame would have to be clear and appealing from any angle. Most animation artist spend three to four years learning the basics, and with all art forms never fully master it in there life time.   Search a bit on animation, as a game developer any knowledge is useful.     From your game description it doesn't sound like you need 3D, using 2D instead should make things a bit easier and run better on the hardware you intend. You could also use a 3D dummy for animation and poses, then draw over this; I think the the Manga Gantz was made like this.     Yes, thanks for the inf.   If you want to please take a look at the fighting scene I've posted, it is 2D but it looks 3D because it's just designed very well. So I for sure don't want 3D like we are used to, I want it 2D like Naruto but the details should be fine that it at least gives you the idea that it 3D. (If I make sense here)
  14.   Thanks for the post, but I'm not the designer.. I'm the one who came with the idea and looking for a team to develop this game. But I can't just be Mr. Money Man and throw dollars at people not knowing what they're going to do with my dollars. I need to understand what is going on and what it takes to get certain things of my idea done.   Now I've learned about skeletal animation.. with this inf. I could hit the designers with. Also I'm trying to figure out how much time aproximility goes into designing a single characters with all types of moves coming with it. With that inf. I could also calculate the costs. If people for example here saying 20 hours, 30 hours and 40 hours.. I can keep in mind that I should not hire any one who's telling me it will take them 80 hours.
  15.   These days very little art is drawn this way. Generally, a model is produced either as 3D (e.g. blender etc) or as 2D with skeletal animation. The frames are then captured as simple 2D images of the 3D model. This saves on doing tons of redrawing to get the movements correct.   To do this properly with fighting moves, you'd need to invest in motion capture which can be expensive. This is a different skill set to just art too.     Hmmm, there for sure is no money for a motion capture.. but what you said about a model being produced is something I've seen so many times so I don't understand why that didn't even came to my mind. But thanks for the reminder!   Please take a look at this fight scene:     The first attack alone and the graphics alone just make me go WOW! (To each his own by the way!)   I'm looking at something like that.
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