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  1. After 18 months of development, I am proud to introduce to you guys:    IRON FINGER  :D  Quick to play, Easy to learn, Hard to master! Combination of fun arcade games that puts your tapping & swiping skills to the test.    Gameplay Trailer:   Now available to download for FREE! App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1071599836 Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ironfiststudios.ironfingerAMG   Game Features: Arcade style games: Combination of challenging & fun mini games. Simple intuitive gameplay controls. Online leaderboards & achievements. Built in multi-language support for all major countries.   Additional Information: FREE to download with optional in-app purchases. For the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Built and supported for most tablets and mobile phones.   Contact Information: facebook.com/IronFingerGame twitter.com/IronFingerGame www.ironfiststudios.com.au General Enquires:  contact@ironfiststudios.com.au Business Enquiries:  business@ironfiststudios.com.au We have just soft launched this game & now looking for critical feedback.   Any critiques will be greatly appreciated & I will be more than happy to answer any questions  :) 
  2. iLoveShowers

    (PAID) 6 SFX for game required

    Hi, I'm looking for 6 sound effect files for my mobile game.    Details are as follows:   Contact: kn@outlook.com.au Payment: $60 USD total ($10 each) will be paid through PayPal. Deadline: 22nd June 2016   SOUND EFFECT FILES REQUIRED: * 6 SFX (.wav) files.  * Please use the reference link provided to get me a SFX as close as possible to that. * Sounds must be clean & clear and short in length (just like the ones in the reference videos).   1. FISH EXPLOSION Reference: http://bit.ly/1UcIG6I - Similar to reference sound, FISH explosion sound.   2. CRACKING PLATE Reference: http://bit.ly/1UtZzHr - Similar to reference sound, CIRCLE target explosion sound.   3. BIRD EXPLOSION Reference: http://bit.ly/1OjEkeP - Similar to reference sound, BIRD explosion sound.   4. WINDOW SHATTER Reference: http://bit.ly/1PUrO64 - Similar to reference sound, short glass explosion.   5/6. CAR DAMAGE X2 Reference: http://bit.ly/1PUrO64 - Similar to reference sounds, short metal damage explosion. - Two variations   If you have these sound files, please contact me at kn@outlook.com.au More work could open up if we're happy with the sounds, as there are still a lot of other SFX we need for the game.   Regards, Kevin
  3. We are having a promotional launch price of $0.99c !!
  4. As passionate lifetime gamers from Australia, we have put everything on the line to chase our dream: to become professional Game Developers! We proudly introduce to you, our first game: IRON FINGER – Mini Games Championship   We believe IRON FINGER is a truly unique and fresh game to finally hit the mobile market. It comprises of a series of addictive and challenging mini games that will capture your attention. There is no reskinning here!   Each game utilises and takes advantage of the very best features and functionality of today’s mobile devices. We have carefully designed each game to implement control and touch gestures that are naturally intuitive to the players. It is truly quick to play, easy to learn yet hard to master.   IRON FINGER is the perfect game for when you have 2 minutes or a good 5 hours to spare. So please spare 30 seconds so we could show you the most fun and challenging game to hit the App Store this Christmas!   Trailer: Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5nl0cbwxeh4jrxx/AADntLiII1-FsDxiKIUIAxz-a?dl=0   Game Features: •             Simple Control and Touch Gesture mechanics •             10 unique mini games with various difficulty levels •             Each game has its own unique cool retro soundtrack •             Competitive ranking with just friends or the whole world (through Facebook/Game Centre).   Additional Information: •             For the Apple App Store •             Designed for iPhone 5/6/6 Plus & iPad models •             Price: US $1.99 (Tier 2) •             NO In-App Purchases! •             Available worldwide (with metadata localization for all major countries)   Contact Information: •             General Enquiries: contact@ironfiststudios.com.au •             Website: http://www.ironfiststudios.com.au •             Twitter: https://twitter.com/IronFingerGame •             Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IronFingerGame •             YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/IronFingerGame   App Launch Competition: $5,000 Cash Prize Pool!! •             $3,000 cash to 1st place winner!! •             More info: http://www.ironfiststudios.com.au/competition-5000-prize-pool.html   Please feel free to PM for a Promo Code :D
  5. Hi guys,   We are thinking about promoting a competition to help launch our mobile game. The prizepool will be ~$10,000 USD and it will be free to enter. It will be available worldwide and the winner will be paid through PayPal.   The winners will be decided based on skill - how well they score in our game. We will verify results through Apple's Game Center.     My question is: Is this legal and are there any fees/forms/certificates I need to attain to promote this competition?   Thanks!        
  6. Since our game requires touch gestures (tapping, swiping, tilting etc) - we are having trouble capturing screenshots of some of the action sequences in our game. The standard 2 button technique is impossible to execute while simultaneously trying to tap/swipe in the game (to activate the desired action screen sequence). The accessibility button also doesn't work - takes too long & impossible to do while requiring taps/swipe Do any of you guys know an alternative method that requires us to only press 1 button. Or maybe an app that lets us do this? 
  7. iLoveShowers

    Xmas 2014: Special protocols for release?

    Yeah thanks for the feedback guys, we're trying to finish the build by the end of November, hopefully it will get approved before the Christmas holidays.. 
  8. Hi guys,   Wanting to localize our mobile game  Does anyone know of a reputable translation site that is also not too expensive?   Only need about 150 words, from English to 10 other languages. It will be used just for in our App Description part.   Thanks!
  9. As part of the process to submit an app, Apple states that "You will also need to provide a URL to a support site or to your main website."   Could we use our Twitter or Facebook page?  
  10. Combed through the net and found this link to be pretty useful:  http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/what-are-the-best-cost-per-install-app-and-mobile-game-marketing-networks/   Thinking about using: Chartboost, Facebook & iAds to promote our iOS mobile game.   Hope you guys found this link useful, and anyone with inputs/experience to share using these marketing platforms would be greatly appreciated :)
  11. Hi guys,   We are about to launch our first game soon on the iOS market for Xmas    As well as promoting through twitter, review sites, etc, - We want to spend a little bit on PAID marketing ($4,000 USD max).   Does anyone have any results/info (or link) to determine how effective paid marketing is through iAds/Facebook/Google?  More specifically info on install % for $ spent rather than just visit traffic alone. or maybe even tips on best way to spend $ on marketing?    Thanks!
  12. iLoveShowers

    Xmas 2014: Special protocols for release?

      Honestly, that's the way to not do it in the mobile world.  You basically get one shot to get people hooked.  There is so much information overload in mobile app stores (along with short attention spans of most players) that they generally won't play a demo and then wait two months for the full game.  Unless you are a AAA studio that doesn't seem to work too well in the PC/console world either.     Sorry what I intended was to get the initial build approved and then have it on "Developer Hold"?, and won't release it until we patch everything we want in.   Will this make the approval process quicker since its only the patch that now needs the approval rather than the initial bulk build? Or will it have to go through the same initial process regardless?
  13. iLoveShowers

    Xmas 2014: Special protocols for release?

    Thanks for the info guys, we do not have a full working build yet though. Looks like we will try to get a working build approved asap then patch in more content later.
  14. Hi, We are an indie startup company and we are planning to release our first game this coming Christmas . Are there any special protocols or things we need to follow especially around Xmas time? ie. Should we plan to submit the app 2 weeks before Xmas? Thanks!
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