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  1. BigThink

    Experimenting something new!

    Yes I agree, Going to try and do both and see how it turns out :)
  2. Hey there! I thought I would share my latest idea about monetizing the current game that I am developing with some cool friends. So it goes like this: I make videos in YouTube (hopefully interesting) about the game that I am currently developing. People start to like what they see and learn. They stay and follow to see more. Eventually I connect with some of these people (whether it is their needs, wants or any topic for that matter) just for better relationships. Lastly, I put out my game for testing or acceptance by public (for example Steam Greenlight) and some of the people that have been following up, greenlit it and might buy it, among others who like the game instantly. Anyway, just thought I would share how I am focusing my time lately. This is the channel I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/c/AldoLeka   Best of luck, If anyone thinks this idea sucks please tell me. :) Aldo
  3. BigThink

    Experimenting something new!

    Latest game that I published: http://www.kongregate.com/games/he11fire/funky-board
  4. BigThink

    Experimenting something new!

    The latest game that I am prototyping:
  5. Hey what's up guys! I've been working on a 3 part tutorial on Unity which I'm aiming at 'almost' beginners (basic knowledge helps of course). Tutorial covers lots of areas in Unity and is very basic, but still I managed to create a cool game with physics and blocks! :D Check it out guys and if you add your own customization (textures, models, functionality etc.) I'd love to see that.   Part 3/3 Part 2/3 Part 1/3   I feel obliged to mention my experience so you can make sure you're not wasting your time so: I've been doing game development for 4 years and programming for 6. During this time I won the national Hackathon competition, published 2 web games, finished 4 full games and 2 apps, opened a company where I'm currently publishing new games (mobile/web) and tooled with many technologies such as Flash/Unity/XNA/C++/PHP and many more actually. You can check out all these in my profile at Facebook.com/he11f1re   This will probably come off as very pretentious but is totally not the intention, rather it's just to setup credibility:) If you have any feedback to say I'd love to hear it, Cheers ;) 
  6. BigThink

    introducing myself, guidance requested

    Hey man you seem like you're more into 2D rather then 3D. What I've been using is Flash which is great especially if you couple it with Starling - gpu engine on top of Flash Stage3D (and maybe Feathers too - User Interface library). This combination has been bomb for me, you can really make awesome games with it. It's quite hard to get started with it I think though so I'd consider FlashPunk - library for Flash which is very simple (I believe) and a great choice to get started.
  7. Dude I agree with first comment from Satharis. If you risk having no home you should be certain you got at least a job instead of a programming/game job. But since this is advice for game dev. I would get really fucking good at something specific which is necessary at the market right now - you need to do research, what are game programming companies looking for now... My thoughts anyway :)
  8. Hey guys!  Been playing around with YouTube recently and setup my channel where I talk about different game development topics! Been going pretty sweet I think, I like engaging with people this way:)   Made a quick 'Zombie' top down shooter tutorial in Unity, that lasts about 1 hour (start to finish) and below is the first part of it.   Hopefully will help some people! Any feedback is of value,  Cheers all;)
  9. BigThink

    Need some recomendations

    Haha the replies here are funny! I worked with Unity networking capabilities for a while and I don't think it can handle such a thing as you require... Maybe will or maybe I'm not 'advanced' enough but still that's what I think:)
  10. BigThink

    Rate the code of my game!

    Wow man, I understand how that took lots of energy, but man that is so well done haha, nice!
  11. BigThink

    Game development by a beginner

      This is completely false.  While OOP can be used quite effectively for game programming, it is definitely NOT a requirement.   This is a prime example of why a beginner should not seek independent  guidance, but rather seek forums like this to get help for starting their path into game development. It is much easier to correct false comments like that on a forum than it would be if a beginner learns bad habits or wrong information and it never comes out until months or years later.   I agree with what you say. It was just a quick comment though so no harm intended :)
  12. BigThink

    What's next?

    Hey nice post! Was thinking to dive into SFML for a while. How has it been so far for you?
  13. BigThink

    Game development by a beginner

      This is completely false.  While OOP can be used quite effectively for game programming, it is definitely NOT a requirement.   Yes thanks for bringing that up:)
  14. My YT channel about game creation finally out! http://goo.gl/U8KDP3
  15. BigThink

    Help with a game idea

    Hey man!  You say you lack knowledge and are just starting so going on with a huge idea is the worst thing you can do.  Instead try to use an easy to use engine (Unity or Flash in my opinion) and finish a simple game there. You can build it around a very simple and fun idea. Go small. (Especially in the beginning) Save your bigger ideas for later. Usually after a while they aren't what you thought they would be but in your case I don't know and don't want to depress you haha. So good luck;)
  16. BigThink

    Game development by a beginner

    You need to know basic Object Oriented Programming principles and no you don't need to be old.  I actually would suggest for you to go full on since this age since you will definitely have a competitive advantage later on when you will be much more skillful.
  17. Hey man that sounds incredible. I've been working with Flash / FlashDevelop for 3.5 years and would be willing to help you out! Add me and mention that you found me from here: Skype: aldo.leka94 Facebook.com/he11f1re
  18. BigThink

    For "real" Beginners

    Hey mate! See if this works ;) http://goo.gl/U8KDP3 It's a series of free videos and new exciting stuff will be put out weekly.
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