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    [FREE] KODA - Addictive New iOS Puzzle Game

    KODA is now live on the App Store! I've also updated the first post with the game's release trailer. Hope you enjoy!   DOWNLOAD: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id888339942
  2. southpaw

    [FREE] KODA - Addictive New iOS Puzzle Game

    Tomorrow's the big day! I'm hoping to publish a promotional video as a part of the launch as well, so that should be quite exciting!   Hope you enjoy the last of the promo shots:  
  3. southpaw

    [FREE] KODA - Addictive New iOS Puzzle Game

    Here's the latest promo shot for the game. Hope you enjoy!  
  4. southpaw

    [FREE] KODA - Addictive New iOS Puzzle Game

    Only 3 days left until KODA is released! I must admit, I'm quite nervous and I don't really know what to expect. Having never completed a game to the point of publication, this is my first attempt at marketing a product, so it's an interesting process of canvasing the myriad potential ways to spend your limited time, and trying to make educated decisions on what will be most effective. I'll be releasing a handful of promotional countdown graphics in the lead-up to KODA's release, so I hope it's okay that I post them here.  
  5. Hey there!   After many years and several aliases on GameDev, I've finally seen my very first game to completion!   [media]https:[/media]   KODA is an iOS puzzle game, and will be released on 23 November in the App Store. Here's a quick run down: Tile-based puzzler (think 2048, though it plays very differently) Simple to learn, but will take time to master! 76 unique and challenging levels to see how you stack up! Grid sizes varying from 3x3 to 6x6, stepping up the difficulty as you progress! I built the game in a couple of months using XCode, Cocos2D and Spritebuilder.   Any support that you can give would be enormously appreciated, whether it be in the form of downloads, Facebook likes or otherwise! These forums have been a constant source of aid, inspiration and motivation for the past 8-10 years, and I'm so excited to be able to bring this game to you now!   So, in summary:   Name: KODA Release Date: 23.11.14 Facebook: www.facebook.com/kodasouthpaw App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id888339942   Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy the game!   Matt - Southpaw Studios
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