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  1. I was hide my blog entry >>дни/ But no see at blog and no access to him also 😧 Resurrect it for me please.
  2. Sfml is famous framework - no wrong with drawing and display !!! Gaffer method in my implementation also all good.   Ok no information for me. I hoped for some new interpolation or other new method.   Thank you.
  3. Maybe you advice me your own method to moving objects and code also ??? Yo no understand basic things of C++ language ?? (use -- cout << variable << endl;) For what we now talking then,  hmmmm.. (( Its very difficult part of game development and no simple talking around this. Otherwise need complete solution to fix motion.   My solution looks like sufficient but want more proper motion. If you using somewhere Box2D you can see normal motion, but me need simple motion for simple constant velocity ONLY.   Thanks for responds!
  4. Nope Gaffer has prevState, currState and State (for interpolation). Here no deal !( Please download my sources / binaries and look how moves object. There no mistakes but I want more stable motion.
  5. Yes people - I fully understand interpolation. My goal is to achieve smooth moving using constant velocity. Using for this interpolation, extrapolation or some other simpler methods.   What you using for stable motion on different fps ? Hope you can share your sources for understand. Thank you !
  6. Hi to all ! Month ago I start research smooth fixed constant moving. I wrote this C++ code with Sfml after read this article >> Then was begun some tests. And problem is !!! Again I see a little bit laggy if You see some more time on movObject. What my wrong ? Maybe some improved interpolation needs ? Please specify how to fix and achieve smooth moving using constant velocity. Here sources (MSVS) >> - Here main code to easy fast read > Thanks in advance!
  7. Me need get 1 resource compiled external file with all my PNGs.
  8. Me need cross-platform solution like PhysicsFS. But I dont know how use it.   For example we package all images to zip archive. Then have access to them at source code and compile. At result must be external compiled resource file with our IMGs.
  9. I have resource DLL with one PNG file with ID = 101 And we have 3 functions at SFML Image class to load image   loadFromFile (const std::string &filename) loadFromMemory (const void *data, std::size_t size) loadFromStream (InputStream &stream)   Me need to load my Png from DLL but I no see functions to do this. And no ideas how use loadFromMemory / loadFromStream Pls, help, a lot of time spent to search solution.
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