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  1. Hello all! I´m looking for a publisher company experienced to deliver the games of my game developer company. My company is located at Brazil and we are interested in the U.S, Europe and Asia mobile market. Cheers, _____________________________ Daniel Vivas Lúmen Technology - Founder and CEO http://www.lumentechnology.com.br Sergipe - Brazil
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    Hello! Superscape have a version to export M3G files from 3DMAX. I´ve worked and is a very good solution. Cheers,
  3. Hello all! In your opinion, what are the bests Web Massive Games (WMG´) styles and technology? That games will use Flash technology to turn the game more dynamic? Board games? Turn based games? What are you prefered game style? Let´s talk more about this topic? Come on. Let´s go...
  4. Hello all! Where can i find the websites to download the follows emulators? - Sony Ericsson (J2ME support) - Sharp - Panasonic Thanks for the helpers! :)
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