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  1. Hi,I would like to present our first Unity template called NO SPACE INVADERS. It is a remake of our Revengestar game that I did a while back in Monkey but this time written in Unity!!! This template will kick off a new line of games and products from us for Unity! No Space Invaders has 10 levels of original shoot'em up fun. The template will include the full source code and bonus stuff. The template has IAP (to disable ads) and Unity ads.Simply re-skin the game and publish it!The game runs on all the Unity platforms with a mouse or touch screen like Desktop, Android and iOS.Get No Space Invaders from our shopPlay the free online version hereHave fun,Tony Smits
  2. Playniax

    Playniax game templates and assets

    A Playniax super asset bundle is now available for the next 3 days ( 40% discount! ) The bundle includes high quality game art that you can use for prototyping or commercial titles: CrashTest Art Space Shooter Art Clear Art ColorCityCops Art Galaga Essentials Art Get it here!
  3. Playniax

    Playniax game templates and assets

    We just released a new asset pack. Get it now!
  4. Hi, I am working on a Game Framework for AGK2! I have years of experience building engines and frameworks and I intent to post updates here frequently. The name of the framework is Combustion The first release will have at least - a UI with button, text button, checkbox, image and scroll box. - Tile engine ( orthogonal ). Tilemaps created with Tiled can be converted and loaded. - Horizontal and Vertical split screen display. - Pre render functions to create buttons and images from tilemaps. - 9 patch draw function. - And a bunch of other helpful functions. Here is some early logo work We also produce assets and you can buy them here Cheers! Tony Smits Playniax
  5. Playniax

    Playniax game templates and assets

    Special December bundle ( 33% off )
  6. Playniax

    Playniax game templates and assets

    Keep Running template now on itch.io
  7. Playniax

    Playniax game templates and assets

    Here is a little preview of a new endless runner game template for Pyro coming soon. Artwork is already available at itch.io
  8. Playniax

    Playniax game templates and assets

    Hi guys! We have some new assets for you! The tilesets are interchangeable with the Playniax CrashTest Art Pack for easy reskinning! Enjoy!
  9. The spacepack is now available for Unity
  10. Playniax

    You have a great idea for a game but no art?

    The crash test art has an update! Added new gui elements, backhgrounds and tiles! Get it at here
  11. Hi guys,This will be the place where I will keep you up to date you on the latest Playniax game templates and assets.Most of it you can find on itch.io also.Some of our assets are free, some of them are not. For starters, I just released the game template 'keep-mining' https://playniax.itch.io/keep-miningAfter purchase you can reskin the game, change the title, design levels, change the music and monetize it anyway you like!And 'fair usage' support from us!Final builds should work on Android, iOS, HTML5, Windows and OSX!Play demo here: http://playniax.com/showcase/pyro2/Keep-mining/
  12. Playniax

    Playniax NEW and FREE 2D engine! : Pyro 2

    I just released a beta version of the Pyro2 TiledLoader Class and is now part of the Tiled converter package ( probably will change the name ).This means that Pyro2 can now load Tiledmaps directly without using the converter!It should support orthogonal and isometric Tiledmap and most Tiled features.Be sure to turn off compression before saving a Tilemap because compression is not supported yet.Also check out our latest Android game Revengestar made with our Pyro2 engine! It's FREE!
  13. Free Android version is now also available here and Google Play version should be available in a few hours!
  14. Playniax

    Playniax NEW and FREE 2D engine! : Pyro 2

    Pyro2 v1.0.3 is available!!! An update of the Monkey2 / Pyro2 package is available on itch This is an important update! It has countless fixes and some nice additions. This is the version that is driving Revengestar so it should be very stable. I am also finishing up a Tiled loader. There is already a Pyro2 Tiled converter available and it works fine but while working on Dumbot I found it not very practical to convert the tilemap everytime it got an update. The Pyro2 Tiled loader can load tmx files directly eliminating the need to convert ( timesaver! ). I hope to finish and release the Tiled loader coming week! Summary fixes and updates Pyro2 v1.0.3 • Fixed gui touch / mouse issues! • Fixed tiled animation timing issues! • Changed OnOutro() to OnOutro( layerObject:LayerObject ) for the scenegraph layer objects This way you can pass the object that caused the collision • Added CreateImageMask command • Added PixmapToTilemap command • Added Screenshot command • Added ScreenshotImage command The Pyro2 bananas moved to the Pyro2 module folders and Pyro2 demos and templates ( Pyro2 essentials ) can be downloaded here
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