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  1. Who that guy with his goblin game?  How is he a professional... who is paying him?  Why are they paying him... lol
  2. I know right... it doesn't make you a bad person ... IT DOESNT.
  3. There I go again... wasting valuable time and forum space.  You guys could all be busy working on pac man.
  4. What am I supposed to say "I think higher forms of intelligence... as in not human beings... made WoW anyways."   Because that's what I believe.  I'm never going to win this battle.  I'm never going to convince the world that game development is a conspiracy.  I can't just run around the game development forums citing that "EUREKA you can build a game cooler than anything else than any other game that's been made before because people purposely don't make cool games."   I've said it before and I'll say it again.  You're either all losers who think its cool to work on shitty games that are so gay no one will ever play them.  Or you are just doing it on purpose because life isn't supposed to be about video games.
  5. Its maybe a conspiracy because people really could be making cooler games more quickly... and they just don't. And it's maybe a waste of time if no matter what you can't make a game better than stuff like Halo. Its either one or the other... and not both.  And its definitely either one or the other.
  6. It takes a lot of effort to sort of "figure out" the architecture that you build inside of the editor. But once you already understand that architecture I think its absolutely plausible to begin working with copy/paste hierarchies to make your own content. Game development is the compiling of graphics/scripts/actors/blueprints inside of an editor followed by the creation and distribution of applications to run the game on a server in tandem with a database and website. I believe it can be done mathematically one step at a time. Game development can be done modularly(based on templates) and in a scientific fashion.  And I truly do believe it is just a matter of "figuring it out"... meaning if you can't learn to make your game quickly... just give up... because the tools are there.  You shouldn't spend years just staring at an editor which tells you that you have a million errors.  If anything in my opinion you should be spending years making graphics for your game.  All the architecture for the mechanics should be able to be created in a format which should allow you to create content with hierarchies via templates.  And I think that you should be able to make these templates for your game in a matter of hours.  If it takes you longer than a matter of hours... it means... again... that you are "trying to figure out" wtf you are doing.   I think content creation should be limitless(that's my main point).  I think anything in my "content outline" could have a template made for it.  After the templates were made, you could make new hierarchies.  You would just need to edit the templates a little and combine them correctly. The problem is... I'm never going to learn to program games. The reason I'm never going to learn is because I would need someone to show me exactly how to do what I want to do step by step from scratch.  I'm too stupid and unmotivated to learn on my own.  I have never wasted my time attempting to learn game development... while as I'm sure other people have.  Someone teaching you how to do something "step by step" by simply explaining something to you is far more valuable and easy then learning on your own... and I think most people can't learn on their own anyways.  I'm sure there are tons of people who have been so called "learning" for years and can't produce anything at all.  But if these same people knew someone who knew exactly what they were doing and this special someone were to show them EXACTLY what to do... they would be able to learn.   My main belief is that I think people should make content from templates... provided someone else would make the templates and show you how to make content with them.  And I don't think the construction of these templates would take a long time either.   Meaning that there would need to be some sort of community that would share my views to the tee.       My main views are that:         1. 2000 total hours from an individual not a team is plenty of time to create an MMO worthy of playing.            2. There is absolutely no limit to how much content you can create. Content can be created via copy/paste hierarchies.       I would love to be able to put together a few things inside an editor and build a nice little game application.  And perhaps I could start learning a little bit with Rhino and Blender and Photoshop and the "Shooter Game" from Unreal. But what I want is obviously very complicated... a huge game with tons of features.   My game concept ...(http://pastebin.com/iaEzQTcp)...   Everyone on the internet says making an MMO requires a large team. But I believe taking a multiplayer FPS and adding MMO features(equipment, leveling etc) then making it run on a larger server and connect to more clients and save their progress is possible for an individual. I believe someone could demonstrate the foundation for a FPSMMO inside of an editor in a few hours... especially if they already had everything built and they were just trying to show you how to make content.   I think it would be cool if companies would put together blank games complete with tutorial videos.  These blank games would be project files with templates inside of them.  The tutorials would teach you how to make content from the templates.  The companies would have to figure out how to build the mechanics for the game... and construct the templates too.  Building the game mechanics should not be a difficult task.  I'm sure there are plenty of geniuses who could build a "blank game" in a few hours.   Once the architecture for the whole game is explained in tutorial format with a blank project file ready to be distributed, launched, and updated... it should be very easy to add content. I'll list literally the only content you could possibly create for my game concept in the content outline.  Granted its still a lot... and creating enough content for this game to be good would take some work(if a human were to do it anyways).   Content creation outline ...(http://pastebin.com/XhLekZZC)...   Two more pastes that are part of this document ...(http://pastebin.com/FHVd6RSg)... ...(http://pastebin.com/fxvzBF7N)...   For a much simpler project, I wanted to make models for characters and skin them to bones and make simple animation clips with move/rotate keyframes. Then make a simple multiplayer shooter based off of character controllers and projectiles and individually triggered animation clips. Then add simple MMO features.   But everyone says that multiplayer is amazingly complex.  If I already know how to code a character shooting projectiles... then what is so amazingly complex about doing this on a server?  It is such bullcrap that no matter what your idea is, even if its ridiculously simple, the people on the forums lie that its "complex" just because its multiplayer.  I'm sure they could tell you in 20 minutes how to make a simple server.   Everyone tells you it takes years to learn.  While I think all you need is project files and all-comprehensive step by step instructions. "All comprehensive" step by step instructions don't exist.  Its a fucking conspiracy.   There is nothing amazingly complex about an inventory/class/ability system with a client/server, and simple projectiles and character controllers with individually triggered keyframed animation clips.  A game could easily be made and with very expansive content using just the limited features in this paragraph.  I even think it would be fun with thousands of players.   And even if everything in the previous paragraph has elements of complexity... there are tons of people who would know exactly how to put it together.    Technology is amazingly difficult to manufacture, but is easy enough to use.  I believe the games can be put together quickly.  Personally I don't even think 2000 hours is fast...  but everyone on game dev forums thinks its ridiculously fast.  The notion that there are actually dedicated hobbyists and professionals on these forums willing to spend years on games much much less complex than an MMO is insane.  Who would want to work in this field if even a professional who is supposed to know exactly what he's doing can't even put together a simple MMO like two paragraphs ago?   Additional pastes about this document ...(http://pastebin.com/eNgyhXHz)... ...(http://pastebin.com/UiG7cryr)...   Two other important points that are so important I decided to separate them:   You can not download a blank MMO project with step by step instructions on how to make content.  Its unfortunate that evidently there is no one smart enough to make "blank MMOs".   One last paste ...(http://pastebin.com/f4n80UMR)...   I believe that "leveling and equipment" or "multiteam/matchtype matchmaking" or "combo points and energy" have never been explored to their full potential.  Nor has cross-genres of FPS/Fighting/RTS/driving game.  I think games could be made 1,000,000 times better than anything on the market... just because I think that games can be made with way more expansive features and content.  Imagine Virtua Fighter meets Halo meets StarCraft in MMO format...  I truly think it is a conspiracy that no one has made a game like that.
  7. bigl2369

    Game concept from someone with no skills

    And some of my concepts are actually completely unique, like protecting the items of the original owner for twenty minutes after every time theyre looted and every twenty minutes after they drop unless the twenty minutes expires(not just once like in other games), or requiring points to form parties, or a no-inventory system
  8. http://pastebin.com/Y8b6t1Y1   But yeah I think games are the compiling of graphics, scripts, and other assets followed by the creation and distribution of applications to run a game on a server with a database in tandem with a website. I think it can be scientifically done one step at a time and can be expanded upon modularly. I also think the vast majority of the work involves with the graphics, since the scripts and assets are put together based on how they need to be implemented. I'm using the term assets to describe anything like cameras... or like special things needed for the game that aren't scripts like stuff for physics and load balancing and collisions or AI or whatever(I don't really know but I'm sure its more than just scripts and graphics.)   The problem is that I don't think anyone on the game development forums are actually going anywhere in their careers and I don't really value what they say to me. And plus they've spent the better part of many years learning and have never produced a game that anyone would honestly have fun playing. Especially since theres so many great games out there like StarCraft or Halo or Call or duty or Tony Hawk or Madden.   Because the main thing they say is that its so impossible to create an MMO. I think making an MMO is definitely possible for a person with average human intelligence to do in 2000 hours. Just like everyone lives in a house but not everyone can build one... there could easily be tons of MMOs in the world. And I think that building a house is harder than making an MMO. And I think that the creation of computers from like silicone and all of that is at least a quadrillion times more complicated than the making an MMO. And I think that technology puts the ability to build an MMO inside realistic capabilities.   I just think its a gigantic conspiracy. Like games could be so much deeper than they actually are. Like WoW could have 100 unique classes with 100 different abilities each. Or Halo could literally have 1,000,000 different weapons.   Whatever, I'm sure everyone thinks I'm retarded.   I'll never work on this because I need step by step instructions. And although you think that's somehow impossible... to me it logically makes sense that you could explain how to build an MMO one piece at a time.
  9. Its time for me to duck out of this thread with some grace.  I'm not gonna start a bickering match.
  10. I'm talking about a game with scripts as complex as the industry, but with graphics made by novices.  I'm really hellbent on this notion that the game be built first, then me being taught how to expand it.  I don't even think it would be difficult.  The expert would be making most of the game.  I'd just be adding items, abilities, (with some help) vehicles, structures, characters, containers, scenery.  And all that stuff would already be coded, I would just be modifying code a little bit.   Also, I imagine that making all the art for a great game takes a long time... but I can't imagine scripting taking a long time.  Its not like there aren't geniuses out there who can code a completely functional game in a week.  The industry just wants you to think that its harder than it really is.    In my opinion games could be a lot different than they are today.  Like for example... halo only has a handful of guns and vehicles.  Theres no reason why they couldn't release a halo with 100 guns and 100 vehicles.  They just don't.  Its just the way the world is.    Game production is way easier than anything else.  Way easier than how the world's infrastructure was created.  Way easier than manufacturing.  Way easier than it was to craft the computers themselves.    Its like this is a stupid cat and mouse game between me and the universe.  I come and I complain that it should be a different.  I complain that there should be more games.  That the games should be more expansive.  That the titles out right now are great but there just isn't that much content in them.    Unless I learn to produce games myself I can never prove how easy it is.  So its never going anywhere.   Alls I know is that they're a combination of clients, servers, databases, websites, and software used to maintain/expand them. I think all games are easy to make.  Its just what I believe.
  11. Also another idea I had would be like modding I guess.  Where you take an engine that's already written.  You erase most of the assets.  Then you import your own assets coupled with the scripts that you erased most of.  And you go about expanding and modifying the game scripts.  Until you have something similar to the game which engine you are using, only much larger.  Something like that would really point out how much crap it is when the industry says that it takes millions of dollars to make a game.
  12. There is absolutely no substitute for my two ideas   1: A comprehensive tutorial teaching you how to make a game from start to finish.  Including the placement of all assets and coupling with scripts.   2: A programmer designing a game based off of my idea.  Implementing client/server applications, a database, a website, and the ability to update/expand my game with patches.  Then teaching me how to update/expand.   And really, I'm just talking from a hypothetical standpoint.  I'm not that interested.  I'm happy enough with WoW, Mortal Online, Halo, and CoD.
  13. Whatever.  No ones ever going to agree with my (somehow)radical idea that the easiest way to learn how to produce a game would be with a step by step tutorial.  And that this single tutorial teaching me how to make a clone of a game from scratch would indeed teach me something.  It wouldn't be stupid just because I didn't read the manual.  And it wouldn't be stupid just because it was all from one source either.   I have no way of convincing anyone.  I'm really tired of this.  Trying to make my point to fucking people on the internet cuz its never going to work.
  14. What would be wrong with a WoW or Halo clone?  Besides that if you robbed their software/projects... learned how to use them... used your own art... packaged everything and started your own company... it would be illegal   I wouldn't even have a problem maybe learning to make a clone of a game from a tutorial even if it wasn't WoW or Halo caliber.  It would still need to be organized though and teach me everything step by step.  Theres nothing wrong with copying someone else, especially if it taught you a valuable skill in its entirety.    There isn't much more to making a game then putting scripts together with assets inside of an editor, packaging your applications, and hosting a server a database and a website, and updating and expanding your game with patches.   And I don't like that your trying to compare building houses to producing games.
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