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    Tetris Help!

      Yes! I should have stuck with the KISS principle. Thanks! Stuff like this is exactly why I'm practicing and forcing myself to take on these problems. The more I practice and work on projects, the better I will get at not making such easy mistakes.      I do not feel the need for a sort for this game, I cannot think of any benefit it will have to how I have this implemented. And I do know, and have used, the Array.Sort method before.    Thanks again for the help!
  2. MyLastGamble

    Tetris Help!

    So I'm writing a Tetris game, mostly for practice, and I have come to a wall. Let me start by saying I'm not using any frameworks, I'm doing this all in C# using Visual Studio and I know I'm probably not doing this the best way however i am determined to get this finished before I start doing more research and using a framework.    So my Form has a panel in it that I have put a picture box for every possible Tetris block. They all start with the visibility flag set to false, and I have two arrays I have created, one that is for the gameMap and the other is for the current tile in play, as follows   int[,] gameMap = new int[,] {   { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 }, { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 }, { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 }, { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 }, { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 } }   int[,] currentTile = new int [,] {   { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0} }   This has been slightly simplified, but you get the idea. I have an array index for every picture box and I have a timer running that is constantly checking the gameMap and currentTile arrays to see if any of the positions are set to 1 and if they are then I set the tile that maps to this index to visible = true;   The problem I am having is dropping the tiles. I have set up another timer to run in the background and drop the till in the current tile array, and this is where I am having an issue. I had written a line of code that is a for loop inside of a for loop looking for an index set to 1 and it sets this to 0 and sets the index below it to 1(ie if its currentTile [0,5], it sets this to 0 and sets currentTile[1,5] to 1). I quickly figured out that this runs through the whole loop and ends up sending the tile to the bottom of the board at the end of the for loop.   I had tried a few more ideas to get it to drop the 1's in the array down 1 level, but nothing I have tried has worked. Does anyone have any ideas, or will it just not work this way? I don't want to try this any other way at the moment until I get a little more comfortable with the ins and outs of classes. Any help would be appreciated! 
  3. MyLastGamble

    laptop for programming

      I like it for the most part. It's nice that it handles like a laptop but is lightweight and I can literally grab it and take it anywhere. The only issue I have with it is it doesn't always like to stay connected to WiFi if I am not avidly using the internet, I have to disconnect and reconnect to get it up again. It appears this is a known issue they're working on, but other than that I like it. I only use it for developing and general research on the internet but it can handle a lot more.    Also, I hate touch pads so I purchased a wireless mouse for it. Doesn't really make or break a decision for it, but I thought I'd put it in there. :)
  4. MyLastGamble

    laptop for programming

    Not necessarily. I have a surface pro 3 and I feel I can see my code fine. I use Visual Studio and 100% zoom and feel I can see everything fine. Even at 75% zoom it's not horrible. The issue I come upon is if I'm working on pixel art and I'm zoomed in I still strain sometimes to focus on what I'm looking at.
  5. MyLastGamble

    C# Game development road path

      I am actually on the same path as you are. I've asked similar questions just a few weeks ago. First off, this is the right place to be. There are so many great people on here looking to give advice. Use it. :)   I've look into a lot of game engines in the past few weeks, including Unity and Construct 2, and my opinion would be, stick with Visual Studio for your first game or two. I am currently trying to write Tetris from scratch using nothing but Visual C# Express and the research I've done and the problems I've figure out on my own in the past 4 days are worth their weight in gold. You can create games just fine in a game engine however I feel you lose a little if you are already developing and can bring that knowledge to the table. Again, that is just my opinion based on my past few weeks experiences.    Either way, enjoy the journey. I wouldn't mind seeing what you come up with as far as a Tetris game, if you do it from scratch. Mine should be done here soon, I gave myself a goal of having it completed by next Tuesday. It'd be interesting to see how someone else has solved some of the issues I had. 
  6. MyLastGamble

    Sprite Mapping

    Thanks I'll check those out. I also found this this morning: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff634505.aspx. I'll probably go through this first as I love MSDN and I'm coding in a Microsoft language, but I will check them out as users out there have nice tips that you just don't get with "official documentation". 
  7. MyLastGamble

    Sprite Mapping

    Hey everyone! I've taken some advice I've received on this forum and not only have I decided to not use a game engine for my first few games but also I have decided to start with a Tetris-Style game for my first game. I've worked out a lot of the behind the scenes logic and have created a single block sprite to use as I figure I would need to make all of the shape images out of 4 block sprites that way I can get rid of part of a shape and leave the remaining blocks if need be.    Upon doing some research I was able to figure out that some of the older games, such as the tile-based RPG's, use a multi-dimensional array to represent the mapping logic and then link each array digit to a tile set. I figure I could do a similar thing to my Teteris game, using an array of 1's and 0's. This would give me full control of the mechanics as I can just play around with the arrays to get the desired results I need. The problem I'm having is all the research I'm doing to figure out how to link my sprites to my array-map link to how-to's on using game engines or frameworks where a lot of the code is built in already.    Does anyone know of a good resource I can use to help me learn how to code, from scratch, linking my block sprite to my array? Any help is appreciated!
  8. MyLastGamble

    Bringing it all Together (What's next for a beginner?)

      This tells me you're on the right path, at least in the fact that you set a goal and a time frame and achieved it. This is nothing to scoff at as a lot of people cannot do this and meet their goal.      I agree. A lot of times trying to learn multiple things at once can make the learning process harder/longer and you may find that you will fizzle out with a general understanding of everything and that's as far as you get. I would pick something that you really want to learn and focus ~75% of your attention on that. You can still play around with other ideas, just keep focused on that one thing. For instance, I am learning C#. I would consider myself still a beginner, if not border line intermediate coder in C#. I am doing a refresh on HTML/CSS and plan on teaching myself Javascript so I can help out on projects at work our developer is working on, but I will still devote my most of my attention on C#. Doing something like this will get you to the "intermediate/advance" knowledge in one language, and you will still have some experience in other languages to bring to the table. If you need to fill in some gaps with another language/topic you can always do so on an as needed basis, there are plenty of resources out there to help. 
  9. MyLastGamble

    OpenGL Vs Monogame

    Thanks everyone for the comments! As I'm new to this all and mostly just want to increase my C# skills I may try out both and see which one I prefer, and go from there. Thanks again for the help!
  10. MyLastGamble

    OpenGL Vs Monogame

      This is exactly why I am writing a game from scratch. I want to become a better programmer, and using something like OpenGl or Monogame, where some of the behind-the-scenes work is done for me but ultimately I have control, will help me overall become better. I'm writing a game for fun, but also to have a fun project to help increase my skill at programming. In the future, once I am comfortable in programming to where I don't need as much practice, I can try out an engine, but for now I feel I need to get my hands dirty and just code. :)
  11. MyLastGamble

    OpenGL Vs Monogame

      So if I want to make a 2D game, should I stick with Mono? Or can OpenGL be used for 2D graphics as well as 3D graphics?     I'm not sure I want to use even a simplistic game engine. I thought the game engine was the way for me to go, but after really looking into it I found them to be too much point and click and not enough actual coding. I really want to have full access to program user input, save states, collisions, etc on my own. While I know C# syntax I'm still trying to get use to all the useful classes and combining syntax to do certain things. I want as much hands on as possible when I make my games to give myself as much practice as possible, then in the future I can always move over to an engine of choice. 
  12. So after much thought and a few posts on this site, as well as watching the MicrosoftVirtualAcademy course where they show you Construct 2, Gamemaker and Unity, I decided the best thing for me at this moment is to take a step back and just use a framework to start learning some game development so I can get as much C# experience as I can as I really enjoy the hands on experience.   Now, upon further research, it appears that OpenGL and Monogame are similar, and I think I read that Monogame actually uses OpenGL? Is there a benefit to one or the other?   I have acquired two books on this subject, one uses OpenGL called C# Game Programming for Serious Game Design and the other uses Monogame, called Learn 2D Game Development with C#. Which should I start out in as a beginner game developer, OpenGL or Monogame and is there a better resource out there? It appears both books cover things like game math and physics pretty well, but the one using OpenGL may be a little more detailed, I've just browsed both books and haven't looked into it fully.    Thanks for any help!
  13. MyLastGamble

    First Game

      That's my plan. I love the pixel graphics of the "retro" games. I don't think it will save me time, in fact I think it may be a little harder than anything else but again, the end result will be worth it.   I will say that because this is a long term project my plans and end result could change/adapt in time. I'm watching a few video series on Microsoft Virtual Academy that talk about game development for beginners and I'm also reading a Unity book that talks about 3D development, as this book is a prerequisite for my 2D unity book. Its going to take me months to even get to where I can "Begin" this project and I hope to have a few small games under my belt by then. Who knows where this will take my and my idea my change into something else. Time will tell.    As always, Thanks again!
  14. MyLastGamble

    First Game

      Thanks for the advice. I mentioned that this is a long term project and I expect to do a lot of playing around and testing with smaller "games" as I get use to game development. A fully playable RPG is the end goal in mind but I never planned on waking up tomorrow to start working on it. I planned on getting use to unity (or whatever environment I decide to use) with a few small/simple games, and then work my way up to a single screen RPG, with no point but to test a few things (like random battles and being able to walk around/talk to people/interact with objects like switches and treasure chests). Once I feel comfortable with it all, I would then turn my focus onto the full game. In the mean time, I will work on the non-programming stuff like pixel art and writing the story/flow of the game.      This is what I plan on doing. I've enjoyed writing and drawing growing up having written a few short stories and half of a novel recently. I am currently teaching my self to draw pixel art and plan on creating everything from this game from the ground up. Story telling is something I really enjoy. I know that it is a huge task to take on, but again for me that's the fun in it.    Again, I'm not trying to jump into it full force and complex without any experience, I do want to work on some smaller projects, work through a few gaming books and get comfortable and then work my way up to a more complex game. As I've mentioned, I've learned a lot in the past few days already, been working on sample code to accomplish certain ideas and researching a lot. Thanks everyone for your advice!
  15. MyLastGamble

    First Game

    Thanks for the advice. I have read more of Game Coding Complete and I feel it is more geared towards someone who wants to be an actual game developer by trade, or someone who has more experience in developing. I will put that book to the side for now.  After reading the introduction to Unity for 2D Game Development I found out that book is geared towards someone who knows how to use Unity, so I may start with another Unity book and then transition into 2D development.    I will also check out some other engines. I do feel that making my own engine is a little to advance for me at the moment and I should focus on other things at the moment.
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