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    Wars of Destruction

    On the storyline, the player will have to clear the game world from intruders and save the island from radiation. The dialog box will accompany players quite often, especially when new enemies and new mechanic. He will find new territory, the anomalous zone and instance (unique places on the map, with the help of which you can find new materials). The main goal of the player will be researches of the game world, in order to protect the island from the use of powerful chemical weapons that could destroy all its inhabitants. As progress toward the edges of the map the player will find a more complex base, where he will find the drawings. It is with the help of the drawings it will find the path to a distant land. Distant land – the ultimate goal of the player in the story. There will be very difficult bases on it, which may need to be conducted in a cooperative and so on. On the storyline, the player fights with anarchists who like chaos and they are not going to stop until you have infected all islands in the world. http://studiogames.org/ [attachment=24716:Screen1-1024x539.jpg] [attachment=24717:Screen2.jpg] [attachment=24718:screen4.jpg]
  2. StudioGames

    Mobile development games

    The StudioGames Company professionally engaged in the mobile... Inimitable uniqueness of graphics and logic, the sustained sense of taste and style, harmony of imagination and reality - all this and much more makes the team of professionals. We work on all 100% and create cool games! Why choose us? Our capabilities and creative thinking enables you to realize your wildest ideas in game development. In turn we offer programming 3d games for all existing development platform. We guarantee speed and quality! http://studiogames.org/
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