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  1. Thomas Schreiter

    Dungeon Crawler Cryptarium patreon

    hi there .. we working since 3 years in our free time on a roguelike dungeon crawler with procedurally generated levels and action gameplay. We plan for 5-6 levels with unique graphics and enemies, bosses, minibosses and online high scores. Additionally, we will have many items, weapons and traps. here are a actually video with a little bit gameplay if you want to support us and maybe play our game ..check out our patreon site https://www.patreon.com/cryptarium
  2. Thomas Schreiter

    2 hand sword mummy Armor Design

    working on a new enemy type ..the 2 hand sword mummy ..and here i have testet the shading of the armor  
  3. from mocap session to unity 3d ingame animtion     we use neuron perception 18 neuron suit version ..and a frying pan as shield.
  4. Thomas Schreiter

    Boss Dance Battle

    fighting on a rickety wooden bridge over a spiked pit  
  5. Thomas Schreiter

    Boss Dance Battle

    the boss was only a test .. i think .. if he wins aggainst you ..then he can dance  and also become a spotlight ^^   our Random Weapon System in action .. (only for this video) to show your the over 9000 possibilities
  6. Thomas Schreiter

    Boss Dance Battle

    hehehe thx :)
  7. Thomas Schreiter

    Boss Dance Battle

    testing around with some particle effects for an enemy - ice - electric ?  
  8. Thomas Schreiter

    Boss Dance Battle

    haha i think it will be in the final game .. :)   here are another video about a enemy in cryptarium       some fights and a slot machine  
  9. Thomas Schreiter

    Boss Dance Battle

    A little Test of my Boss rigging ..ingame unity 3d- making of comes next      
  10. i use a mocap system in my livingroom to animate my ingame characters .. :)  
  11. Hi i work a while on my game .. and i want only post my new knight enemys video     if you want more information ..i can also post more in the future :)    
  12. Thomas Schreiter

    Dark Dungeon

    check out my new mummy warrior with selmade animations from my mocap suite       --------------------------------------------------------   http://www.indiedb.com/games/dark-dungeon
  13. Thomas Schreiter

    Create a Cool Boss Voice Tutorial

    Have Fun  
  14. Thomas Schreiter

    Dark Dungeon - random dungeon crawler

    new guard design for the first level ..unrigged  
  15.   Dark Dungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler with random generated Dungeons   we want make a game with a levelsystem like the binding of isaac and a fighting system like dark souls   i make this game in my free time with 2 friends      here are the latest developer video of our game     have fun and reply some opinion   more infos on   http://www.indiedb.com/games/dark-dungeon    
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