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    Character Creation Idea

    I just watched a tutorial on morph targets and that seems like its exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Monkey_D_LuffyFTW

    Character Creation Idea

    A GUI sliderbar widget is a pretty common widget included in most GUI libraries. Many games don't require complex GUI kits, and just roll their own (so it doesn't look like a desktop application like Microsoft Word) but MMOs usually require more complex GUIs, and either use a preset GUI kit. The basic idea is it's a button you are dragging along a rail, often with another button on either end for smaller increments of movement. Have you ever made a button widget before? What language and API are you using to program in? Chances are, there are both native GUI toolkits (like Win32), cross-platform wrappers for native GUIs (like Qt), and more game-related GUIs like SFGUI or Crazy Eddie's.   You can also code your own.   That's a more difficult question. It's easy to make the slider, and easy to make the slider affect things, but now you're wanting to procedurally generate (or at least manipulate) a 3D model. At the easiest method, you can make each "notch" of the scrollbar select a different pre-made component (like different styles of hair), and use the scrollbar's value to tweak the color of the hair. But the other features like swapping out noses and making sure they still integrate smoothly with the face, raising lowering and stretching ears, and so on, that's not an area I personally have experience in.   I am not sure if this is considered an API but I am using Unity and I am programming in C# with MonoDevelop. As for the slider itself I was thinking about making it a click and drag rather than a button increment, or is a click and drag too complicated. Forgive my vocabulary I don't know many specific "terms" with regards to programming and graphics.
  3. Monkey_D_LuffyFTW

    Character Creation Idea

    Hello gamedev,   I am currently working on a game, it's nothing big but I have a question about character creation. If any of you have played APB Reloaded or something along the line of free MMO's like it, one of it's coolest features is character creation. Now I don't want to go overboard on this small project but I was wondering how do you make sliders that adjust the characters dimensions. So bluntly these are my two questions:   1. How do you make a slider 2. How do you make that slider change the dimensions of the character. For example: weight, height, facial features, etc.   If it's very complicated please try and dumbify it because I'm learning programming and visuals on my own. (AKA I don't have a degree in anything, I'm just a high school student with a lot of free time)   Thanks for the help in advance! :D
  4. Monkey_D_LuffyFTW

    Question with regards to my video game

      Oh I just looked over and realized that i didn't mention the game engine, yes I am using Unity (could've swore I wrote that somewhere..., oh well). As for your answer it relaly helped and I have also found an informational website that answered my question. Thanks for the help.
  5. Monkey_D_LuffyFTW

    Question with regards to my video game

      This helps me understand quite a bit but I should probably have worded my question a bit better. With reference to other games diablo would be the best way to identify what kind of inventory I plan on making. Here is a few smaller more direct questions:   1. I have weapons made and I want the merchant to have them in a list like you said but what I don't understand is where the source of the items will be or how to go about it. 2. Is there a way to import my weapons without them physically being in the scene? 3. If there is, how do I do it/where do the weapons go if they aren't in the scene?   Hope this is a little better. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hello,   I am working on an project and I have a question with regards to how storage works. !BEWARE! I AM NOT a graduate from a university so try and give me the most simple answer you can if possible. So this is the scenario, I know how to make weapons and animations and all that jazz but say I want to have it so that I have an inventory and I want the player to be able to choose his weapons, I plan on having merchants that sell weapons but how do you go about concealing them. Do you put them in an inaccessible area of the game, make them invisible and have them all attached to the merchant, or what? Also, how about on your character? When he has 20 weapons in his inventory, where do they go? (or are they all on his back invisible?) Forgive me if it's a stupid question but this is a wall blocking me from moving forward and I would like to understand more about the little aspects of the game.   Thanks
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