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    [web] HTML meta tags

    Yes, with frames, your META description and keyword list should be on the index page. Having these is a good idea with frames, because your index page doesn't have any content, so search engines wouldn't do a very good job of linking to it. Take note, though, that some popular search engines (including Google, I think) ignore META keywords. In addition, search engines will find more keywords on your actualy content pages, and are more likely to link to those, which will leave your visitors without a navigation frame. Also, I'm not completely sure, but I think frames are frowned on anymore.
  2. I'm not sure exactly how your processes running at midnight have to work, but it sounds to me like something a cron job might be good for if you're on a Unix or Unix-like server. I've never used a cron job and know hardly anything about them; it was just a buzzword that stuck with me, so I can't help you much on how you would go about doing that. A wiki for it can be found here. Hope this helps! Edit: Linkified
  3. sofsenint

    [web] php and $this

    Thanks for your reply! That's good to know for future reference.
  4. sofsenint

    [web] php and $this

    That would work. I was just concerned that leaving it up to the page itself to control access would be considered bad design. If that's not the case, I'll probably just do it that way. Thanks for your help!
  5. I think the reason this is happening is that relative positioning will position an element relative to the last object that was placed. Absolute positioning, on the other hand, positions an element relative to its containing block. You could define a div that holds all the controls, then place each of the controls absolutely within this block. Then, to move it, you'd just move the position of the containing div. Would this do what you want?
  6. I've been developing a login system for a website, with a class that represents a logged in user. One type of account, administrator, should have more functionality than other users. The way I originally did this was to have the functions specific to administrators built into the user class, but each time one of these functions was called, it checked to make sure that the user was an administrator. I've finally decided that this is not good design, and I'm trying to come up with a better way to do it. One method I've come up with is to have an administrator class that extends the user class, but the problem with this is that I don't know which type of class to create until after the user has logged in. I'd like the class to take care of itself, so the page using it shouldn't have to check and see if it's an administrator, then reassign the class type. Can I use $this to assign itself to a different type of class? This really doesn't seem like good design either, even if it would work, so any other ideas for how to best design this would be greatly appreciated. I'm building this under a three-tier architecture, so I could have the middle tier check and reassign the class, but this still doesn't seem like a good idea. Thanks again, I really appreciate your help. Edit: After thinking about this for a while, the idea that $this could reassign itself doesn't make any sense, and I don't know how any language could pull it off. How about, if a user is an administrator, a new object is created as a variable in the user class that holds administrator functionality? This still doesn't seem ideal; extending the user class to create a more functional administrator class just seems like the most logical solution. I'm still not sure about the best way to do this, though. If anyone experienced in design could give me their thoughts, I'd appreciate it a lot. [Edited by - sofsenint on July 18, 2005 8:42:49 PM]
  7. sofsenint

    AP Scores avaliable.

    I just called, and all my scores were available. I took Psychology, US Gov and Politics, Calc AB, and Physics B and got all fives. I was pretty excited! I was pretty sure about psychology, and thought a five on government was possible, but the others were actually a bit of a surprise!
  8. sofsenint

    AP Scores avaliable.

    They're available already? I thought they weren't available by phone until July 1. Congrats on your amazing scores, though!
  9. sofsenint

    Simple C++

    Are you just missing a semicolon after the first line? Try this char sv_ld; //save_load and see if that works. Actually, those double quotes might also need to be single quotes. Double quotes makes it a string, which will tack the null terminator onto the end of the string. Since your variable is only one character, there's no room for the null terminator. Try this if (sv_ld == 'y'){ too and then you should be good to go. [Edited by - sofsenint on June 19, 2005 11:26:12 AM]
  10. sofsenint

    I am open to comments

    Have you actually priced this and figured out how much it's going to be? Console manufacturers sell their consoles at a fairly significant loss (it costs them quite a bit more to make their console than it costs us to buy it). They make money by selling games; that's why indie developers aren't given easy access to SDK's. Andre Lamothe has a similar product called the XGameStation, maybe you should check that out.
  11. sofsenint

    Simple C++

    Here's a bit of code that should do the trick. ifstream SavedGame; //this creates an input file object SavedGame.open("savedfilename.txt"); //this actually opens the file you are trying to read SavedGame >> Defensive_Soldiers; /*this will put info into your variable Defensive_Soldiers- it reads data until it finds whitespace characters- in your case, a newline*/ //add more for each line you want to read SavedGame.close(); //this closes the file I haven't done C++ in a long time, so I can't guarantee this is perfect. I sure hope it helps you, though!
  12. sofsenint

    [web] PHP and -&gt

    Thank you both for your help! I really appreciate it. I hadn't made that connection with the concatenation operator, but now that I think about it, it does make sense. Thanks again!
  13. I have a very newbie question about PHP. What exactly does -> do? I know that in C plus plus, it's for dereferencing a pointer and accessing a member of a class, but from code examples I've seen, I don't think this is the case in PHP. Is it just to access any member of a class, without dereferencing it? This seems like something that should be easy for me to find using Google or the PHP manual, but it's been hard to search for ->. Thanks for your help!
  14. sofsenint

    F=ma ?

    Quote:Original post by bjle Aren't you guys thinking of F=mg? F=ma has nothing to do with gravity. Both are correct, f=mg is just an interpretation of f=ma. g is the gravitational constant, about -9.8 m/s^2, which gives the acceleration due to gravity near the earth's surface. Edit: Hedos beat me to it.
  15. sofsenint

    Most Powerful Scenes in Film History

    Quote:Original post by python_regious The Silence of the Lambs - The whole film. Agreed. Especially the ending, when Clarise is in the man's house (don't want to be too specific and ruin the movie for someone) and the very ending, when she's on the telephone. I've never seen any of the sequels to Silence of the Lambs, but I'm sure that they weren't nearly as good as they could have been with Jodie Foster.
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