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  1. Remixful

    Can someone teach me XNA better?

    Thanks. And yes, I'm working with Monogame already, I've never done XNA by itself. Anyways thanks for the resources, I'll take a look at them.
  2. Remixful

    Can someone teach me XNA better?

    Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll check it out.
  3. I know some basics of XNA, and the basics of C#, but the most I've done was a PONG game but it still failed (mostly because I didn't organize the project right).  Perhaps someone can tutor me on XNA? I would like to learn how to perhaps do the Entity-Component system (I struggle in reading because I get very confused, It would be great if somebody can teach me 1 on 1), perhaps a few lessons such as creating a game or two, and some tips here and there too.    If you're looking for payment, I'm very sorry, money is a problem with me right now. But if you're interested in teaching a motivated beginner, feel free to contact me. I'm able to use Skype(but not voice call) and teamviewer too for lessons.   Also one thing is I'm working with Monogame, but it implements XNA so there shouldn't be a difference.   My skype: peterkap123
  4. Remixful

    Can i create a game using c#

    There is Unity, Monogame, and XNA. XNA is basically almost dead, and Monogame implements XNA. Unity, Monogame, and XNA are capable to make 3D and 2D games.
  5. Remixful

    Anyone interested in teaming up?

    I didn't mean to say I want to exactly be their teacher. Let me be more specific: I will help out with basics, questions regarding learning the basics, and I will also provide resources for them to learn.
  6. Remixful

    Anyone interested in teaming up?

    Alright thanks. The thing is I don't have a project in particular though..
  7. I'm a beginner like you. Well, depending on who you are, I might actually have a bit more experience. I would post in the "Classifieds" section, but I don't exactly think this is the area where it should go in. I'm not really looking for just someone to develop games with, but a friend too. This is nothing professional at the moment. I've been learning C# for a few months, and if you have no experience in C#, that's OK. I'm willing to teach or give you resources if needed. If you aren't exactly a programming type of person, I'm still in need of an artist to help make graphics for games. I also forgot to add, I am making 2D games, so the art will be pixel art, of course. If you are an artist and programmer, or interested in either (or both!), then great! I haven't done much work in Monogame/XNA (Which I forgot to say, is what I'm using to develop the games). I've actually tried to remake Pong but it failed (the AI was implemented horribly), but it doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying. I'd just like a partner to work with me or even a small team, since being a lone wolf isn't my Anyways, if you have any questions just ask here, or if you're interested just contact me. Also a Steam or Skype is of utmost importance, since it's my preferred way to stay in contact.
  8. Remixful

    Choosing the right Tile Map Engine

    Here's what you're looking for my friend
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