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    Creating SFX

    Haha serious? That would be rather frustrating at times I can imagine, never would of even entered my head that it would pick that up. Ah yes, I've experienced the stomach noises, didn't know what it was at first haha. Also controlling your breathing, hate when those come out, usually at the worst time.
  2. You're so wise CCH! haha. The terms can get muddled up a lot from different sources I have found, which can be rather annoying at first when you're learning.
  3. carameeze

    Creating SFX

    I've recently been trying to record my sound effects lately, mainly just learning the ropes and trying some new things out. I gotta say, it's a lot of fun! haha. I worked with another guy from my uni on a post production video last year, we redid a section from some Battlefield 3 gameplay footage, that was so much fun. Voice acting was terrible haha. Can check it out here http://www.samplefolk.com/2014/10/sae-post-production-assignment/. But anyway, I bought the new Zoom H6 recorder and a NTG1 shotgun mic. Some handy hardware there I tells ya, just make sure you can record when outside is quiet also and the house is quiet. You may think it's quiet, but once that gain has been applied, you hear EVERYTHING haha. Damn crickets I tells ya.
  4. carameeze

    Sound Design Project Help

    Thanks, that makes sense. Haha yeah, I have noticed a lot of arguments over many different things in the audio industry there are so many subjective things, it makes it hard to learn sometimes but yes, the end goal of making professional sounding work is the key. I have used a Sennheiser 416 a couple of times, great mic. I'd love to have an awesome set up with some decent hardware but unfortunately the whole money side of things holds me back haha. One day I hope though. 
  5. carameeze

    Sound Design Project Help

    Ah I see. So pretty much physically there is no difference as we cannot perceive the difference but technically the extra resolution gives a much more clear control over the sample. How about downsampling then, would one like 96kHz be good as it can be halved to 48kHz?
  6. carameeze

    Sound Design Project Help

    Ah thanks for the feedback guys! I gotta tell ya, now that I've started recording various things, I am always looking around and thinking "hmmmm, I wonder what that would sound like," or "what could I do with that noise." I wish I had an awesome set up with whiz bang gear and a studio, but for the time being I have my portable recorder, will look at an audio interface soon also. But this is good as it will allow me not to just rely on top notch hardware, it will allow me to practice and use what I have to produce the best thing and learn from the bottom. CCH - The variety aspect is very important I must admit. From what I have done, everytime I try and do as many takes in as many different ways that I can think of. I see the huge amount of different light switch takes, even though you think of it just being a light switch, the need to match the end users different contexts is important. Makes the collection more versatile. 60 SFX libraries? That's a huge amount, jealous! Are they used a lot? Yeah, I can imagine how important the metadata would be, don't want to waste time.   Valoon - I do like the idea of the "raw" recordings, as it would give the end user more control over it to match what they need to do. I have been doing some in 96kHz but also some in 48kHz as that's what a majority of people have asked for.  Another thing, at what dB level should the mastered/finished samples be at? What would be the norm? Thanks.
  7. carameeze

    Sound Design Project Help

    Hi guys! I am currently finishing off my degree in Audio Production and I have decided to do a project based around post-production work. The idea is to record my own sample library and put it on a website to potentially sell. The focus is to see if by using community engagement and networking is a viable way to market the website. Which brings me here.. I have two things I'd love help with. 1) I have been recording many things over the past couple of weeks, but what to you guys would be some 'core' sounds to include in a sample pack? 2) I would be forever appreciative if everybody could go to my site http://www.samplefolk.com/survey and fill out my 10 question product research survey. The survey is to also gauge public interest in the networking side of things as part of my 'product' I have to present. The product is not only the sample library but also the website. So any responses would mean to world to me and help me finish this report! Thanks in advance!
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