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    Would anyone be interested in being interviewed?

    Originally I did intend to only be interviewing professional gamedevs, but after interviewing an individual yesterday I have realized that hobbyist gamedevs will also be a help to me.   As for whether I am looking for a particular type of dev (programming, design etc) I am not. I would like to interview people from all of these fields so that I may learn more about all the different aspects of the development process. I would also like to interview some people who are familiar with mobile game development.   I believe that it could be considered a semi-structured interview. I do have a list of pre-determined questions that I need answered, but if I find an interesting line of inquiry I will ask some other questions to learn more.   Some sample questions are:   How long have you been in game development?   How are you involved in the game development process?   What are some games/projects your are involved in the development of?   For someone starting out in game development looking to make their first, how would you recommend they go about it? such as learn the language, or use a tool such as Game Maker       Thanks to both of you for giving me some feedback :)
  2. what for?

    Would anyone be interested in being interviewed?

    Bump   I don't mean to bother, but it would seriously be helpful if a few people could help me out with this interview. I just need a couple interviewees, and the interview is not very long.   Sorry to bother
  3. Hey I'm Harry   I am conducting a research project regarding the development and publishing of games and I would like to conduct some interviews with currently working Game Developers. The questions will pertain to subjects such as language/engine used to code, creative process, publishing process, and suggestions for an individual starting out in the world of game developing.    The interview will not be published in any public manner but it will be included in my project report.   So if you are interested please let me know :) I would be extremely grateful.
  4. what for?

    Need some tips for a Project

    All right, thanks for the tip. Don't want to get in over my head. :)
  5. what for?

    Need some tips for a Project

    The Research Project is part of achieving the equivalent of a High School diploma here in Australia. The idea is for students to pick a question they are interested in and then conduct research regarding that question.    None of the teachers over-seeing the project are familiar with game developing or coding in general, so they were very little help.
  6. Hey, I'm Harry   So for a Research Project I have decided to research the development and publishing process of a mobile game and in the process of this study I plan on developing my own mobile game as a demonstration. My questions is whether or not I should learn the basics of a coding language and create the game from there or use a game creating tool like GameMaker. I only plan on making a game like a Flappy Bird clone or a stripped down monster dash. The time I have to develop the game is roughly 2 months.   TL;DR I need to make a game for a project within 2 months, should I use GameMaker etc. or learn code?
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