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  1. RZR666

    [ANDROID] [FREE] Flick the Bean

    updated to v2 with improved physics and removed in app purchases
  2. Download Now on Google Play     Over 2 years in development, comes a game that the Flappy Bird creator could have knocked out in a day!   A game that will determine who among your friends can go the distance and rank as the Number One Bean Flicker.   Features:    - A ridiculously long bedroom.  - Unrealistic Physics that would make Stephen Hawking cry.  - Crude artwork that the artist was too ashamed to put his name towards.  - One essential In-App Purchase so that we could pretend this game was free.
  3. Out Now on Google Play and Apple Marketplace.   Can you kick the ball the furthest and rank #1 and the leaderboards?     Download on Google Play   Download on Apple Marketplace
  4. RZR666


      Download Now   Now Free on Android
  5. Say what you see, Catchphrase like, can you guess the Movie or Videogames?     Download Now for Android, Amazon, iOS or Windows Phone. Over 150 Levels, post a reply if you get stuck.
  6. More levels added and Hint Box fixed in the iOS Version.
  7. RZR666

    Blox - My first Game.

      Download Now for Android, Amazon, iOS or Windows Phone.
  8. RZR666

    Blox - My first Game.

    Reduced the price for Christmas.
  9. RZR666

    How do you email?

    Windows Live for PC and AquaMail for Android.
  10. RZR666

    Blox - My first Game.

    Updated with Hue/Colour Toggle, New Puzzle mode and more levels.
  11. RZR666

    Microsoft release free Community Edition of VS 2013

    Perfect timing, just working on Chromium Embedded, this will do nicely. 
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