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  1. French man from Qc,Canada here I need some profesional advices about C# and if it's a waste of time to learn OR what's the best way to learn it today in 2015 and avoid the legacy dying stuffs ? (Quick info about me : did C++ 12years ago, im a network guy who want to go back into programming, remember my concept pointers, class etc etc but I can study like 10hr's a day for 2 years before looking for programming jobs etc can I reach junior lv ?)   1) Is C# becoming slowly obsolete with the mobile revolution and the frontend client side who seem to go to Javascript/Html5 css... where .Net and C# in general will stand in all this a niche market for backend ?   2) Why some programmers told me that WindowsForms & WebForms are dying and Wpf future is uncertain ? Let's say I want to get back into programming and learn C# today in 2015 should I avoid all that gui stuff and just get a solid grasp of the language and jump to Asp.Net MVC 5-6 ? is it possible to program frontend and have a solid career and avoid .Net all together by doing html,css,javascript,angular etc etc ?   3) I am asking this because it seem the open source scene seem to be booming with Java, Ruby, Angular, Php and the server side too with apache etc where .Net stand (or compete) against thems ? can asp.net mvc 5-6 compete well ? or its mostly corporate stuff   4) on the Database side of things, what would be the ideal path for learning ? I seem very interested in programming database and do backend stuff compared the front end web dev stuff where that could lead me oracle, sql ado.net entity ?   5) is it possible to learn mostly everything or be like junior lv in front end web dev + database and destop applications ? my goals (before getting advices from programmers) was to learn C# 5.0 with VS 2013 do a few windows forms apps and jump to asp.net mvc and play with database   thanks have a nice day   Mederick
  2. But why programmers are saying things like WPF and Winforms are dead if they are still in job post or used on legacy applications how a guy can support or work on that applications if he doesn't know them ? Are you saying JAVA would be a better language to learn to develop business applications or have a longer / more stable career because it seem JAVA is around since a long time ago and trying to be like C# more and more ....
  3. My goal is to have a good grasp of C# maybe study 10hrs a day for a long while to see where I get, junior lv or intermediate lv etc inside 2 years... after apply for jobs and build my way up from there... I don't know my goal was to do windows programs and then learn database especially with wpf or windows forms but everyone except you told me to not learn windows forms learn wpf instead... some others told me I could forget .Net all together and learn Html5, Javascript, Css3 etc and go that route I could have a great career like that too but web dev doesn't seem to pay super well and it seem like I am more interested in doing some SQL and Oracle database work I will see not sure yet like I said I haven't programmed in a long while I still remember my concept class pointers and all that stuff related to it some stuffs is vague and the new things like linq, some advanced method stuff still elude me when I read C# code for fun but I understand a good bunch... right now im studying my MCSE in networking on windows server 2012 and vmware exchange etc but I wanted to go back to programming to see if I still love it more so that's why I ask what worry me the most is the outsourcing of programming to india and most of the programming jobs seem to be temporary or contract based you do the programs and then you leave etc it's not like in the 2000's anymore etc networking and system engineers seem more stable at least security jobs wize etc but what interest me the most is learning the new C# stuff and xamarin seem pretty amazing you can leverage all your code on all the major platform and redo the ui etc that's why I thought C# would be a better long term choice over Java and spring that path etc I may stop my study for a month and program for like 70hrs a week for a month or 2 see where it goes...but lots of ppl are saying different things to me so I am not sure whats the best path or most efficient way to learn which programming language today ... That's why I need advices from professional programmers  
  4. I want to learn C# today. I want to know how I can make my learning as efficient as possible to learn the right way... ive been told by some programmer that I shouldn't learn windows forms or web form and concentrate right off on WPF and Asp.net mvc5 ... I don't know if I wanna do backend + database or web dev yet, I did some C++ 12 years ago still remember my concept ( class, pointers etc ) I can study 10hrs a day for over a year maybe 2 years my goal is to get a good grasp of the language to reach junior level inside theses 2 years. What would be the best path for me ?   1) Should I study a bit of winform (for legacy) and then WPF later on ?   2) or concentrate on the rest like backend with SQL database, wcf, ado etc and get a solid grasp of C# 5.0 on backend project   3) or go the web dev way and ignore wpf... asp.net mvc5 html5, css3, javascript etc   4) can someone explain to me how well C# and Asp.Net MVC5 stack up againt angular and the rest of the others web dev tech ?   Am I learning yesterday technology if I go the microsoft way ? everyone seem to be big on angular, javascript, html5 etc and don't seem to use lots of C#   thank you very much for your time french man from quebec   Mederick  
  5. I am learning C# and I don't know if I want to be a backend or frontend programmer in C# yet... which skillset I should concentrate on once I am good in C# ? Sharepoint? Database? Web stuff like Asp.net, Html5 Json etc ? like what would be a path or a roadmap for learning let's say if I want to concentrate on backend with database and sql and windows programs etcand which path I could take if I do the contrary and I want to develop web like Asp.net ?     I am asking because there is so many different things and they ask for so many in job post like : Json, Html5, Css, Sql, Sharepoint, Javascript Java etc its like they want you to know everything     thanks   Mederick
  6. _Kaven_


    Hi,sry for my english i speak french from Quebec Canada I have a few questions where I'd love to have some honest answers from experienced professional programmer :   1) How long does it take to reach junior-intermediate lv in C# and start working ? (important note : I already have a little experience in C++ and remember my concept class pointers etc and I can study C# 10hrs / day for over a year or 2, but I haven't programmed in 10 years)   2) with all the talk about tablet & phone being the future does C# and xamarin (mono) have a great future prospect compared to others tech like Java ? like which is better to learn today in 2015 and why ?   3) with all the talk about .Net being open sourced and the new/next asp.net being able to run on others server than ISS like apache, does .net stack well vs ruby,php,html5 etc etc and the others new web dev tech or its getting old like a dinosaur ?   thanks have a nice day   Kevin  
  7. Quote :   "Today, Microsoft is making the core parts of its .Net framework open-source, and cross-platform on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Microsoft is also committing to adding Android and iOS support in the upcoming Visual Studio 2015 — in fact, there’s already an Android emulator in Visual Studio 2015 Preview, and iOS support will be added soon. Furthermore, Microsoft is releasing a new version of Visual Studio — “Community 2013? — that is free and full-featured.This is a bold move that will attempt to cement .Net, C#, and Visual Studio as the dominant development platform across Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac "     Is this going to change the world of programming ? I mean will it hurt Java or ruby or the dev stuff xcode or linux a lot in the long run ?? For the first time C# and Visual Studio will be able to do everything on every Platform what it mean for the rest like netbeans eclipse and others older Tools etc lot's of experienced programmer believe Visual Studio is the greatest IDE and C# 1 of the best language out there so how can it help Microsoft and new programmers ??? Could it make C# more popular on the server side of things againts java ?   Thanks for your opinions and views on this very appreciated I am french thanks for the advices and sorry for the english     Some Source :   http://www.extremetech.com/computing/194099-microsoft-makes-net-open-source-finally-embraces-ios-android-and-linux   http://visualstudiomagazine.com/Home.aspx     Mederick
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